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The Brunell Buck

Quite the time was had calling this buck in on the morning of December 9, 2021. It was a nice and cold morning with the wind blowing at my face, ideal conditions to hunt ...

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The Southerton Buck

Well now that things have settled down and I have come down from cloud nine, I can tell the story of my experience of a lifetime...

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2021 New York Whitetails

Check out some of the bigger bucks taken so far during the 2021 deer season.

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The McIntosh Buck

With a rare “backwards wind” blowing from the east on Nov. 22, 2020, and with unprecedented hunter pressure...

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The Stankiewicz Buck

This dear and I have a lot of history. I’d been watching him since April of this year. Back when he was still in velvet in September I got video...

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The Kwasniewski Buck

I've had deer camera pics of this buck for the past four years and neither my son nor I had ever seen him on the hoof. That all changed...

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The DeShane Buck

Around 4 pm on November 6, 2020 a doe stepped out into our hay field under an apple tree,...

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