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Exciting deer tracking stories by renown ADK deer trackers Jim Massett, Joe DiNitto, Steve Grabowski, and Dave Williams as told in deer camp.

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The Pauliszak Buck

After one of the slowest, if not the slowest, seasons I’ve ever had... I did not have much hope of shooting a good buck this year.

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The Tefft Buck

November 7th 8:15 am I’m sitting in my bottom swamp stand just enjoying the beautiful fall day we were having.

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The Buisch Buck

I just received permission to hunt a new farm and noticed there was about a three acre island of woods between...

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2018 New York Whitetails

This page is dedicated to some of the bigger bucks of the 2018 New York Deer Hunting season.

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2018 NYS Youth Hunt

This page is dedicated to all the successful NYS youth deer hunters. Columbus weekend in New York means...

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The Shoemaker Buck

Orleans County 16-point  

Three years ago my father passed away. The last words my dad had for me before the "I love you" was ...

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The Mundt Buck

Monroe County 10-Point   

It was November 18, 2017 and gun season was underway. I hunted that morning with no success, and contemplated ...

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The Young Buck

Orleans County 12-Point   

It started a couple years ago with stories from my parents (both non-hunters) of a large buck on their property. My father swore he was at least...

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The Wanamaker Buck

Sterling Forest 13-Point   

Every fall and winter my husband hunts. First it’s bow, then it’s rifle, and finally it’s muzzle-loader. Each season brings it’s own challenges...

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The Shafer Buck 

Cayuga County Stalk Hunt   

On 11/10/2017 we encountered our first blustery cold winter weather of the season. The ground was frozen and fresh snow was blanketing the ground...

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The Helmer Buck 

Jefferson County Non-Typical   

The buck showed himself in a field shortly after I️ rattled at about 8:10 in the morning. I️ was hunting out of a tree stand just southwest of...

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The Pettrone Buck Livingston County 11-point    

It was a warm opening day 2017 in Livingston County. I didn't expect to see much, but I look forward to that day for three quarters of the year...

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2017 New York Whitetails

Check out some of this years bigger bucks taken by fellow NY deer hunters.

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2017 NYS Youth Hunt

Successful youth hunters from the 2017 NYS Youth Gun Hunt held annually during Columbus Day weekend.

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