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Turkey Poem

Hey guys and gals. I just wrote this little poem this morning after a frustrating, but awesome turkey hunt...

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Turkey Double Down

On the morning of May 12. 2013 Jacy Strahan went out with Dutchie Venuti to bag the boss in Dutchie's favorite hunting woods. Jacy tells the story here...

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Wedding Anniversary Buck

It was Nov. 20, 2013. My parents 36th wedding anniversary. My parents said they would watch my daughter so I could go hunting. It was a clear, windless, afternoon as I snuck into our "old faithful" treestand dad put up years ago...

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2013 NYS Youth Hunt

Andrew Stanley with his Livingston County 2013 NYS Youth Hunt Buck.

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New Feature Stories

Kelly Buck

I saw two large deer "running" a ridge line from my tree stand on opening morning, there was no opportunity as it was still too dark and I could ...

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The Haresign Buck

The Tug Hill is known for it's snow and snowmobiling and not so much it's deer hunting. Sure there are deer there, but the massive snow depths make the deer herd vary greatly from year to year. After a summer of promising trail camera pictures ...

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Chelius Buck

"Beginners Buck"

It was a cool, clear morning as I stepped out of the car to head into the woods. Stars filled the sky as I walked into the woods for only my second deer hunt ever.

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Butler Buck

It was the morning of 12/3/2013 and I was already off to a bad start.  I woke up much later then I wanted and almost just stayed in bed. Usually during gun season a little late I dont mind, but the property I hunt I can only use a bow...

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2013 Servello Buck

Every hunter enjoys hunting for a different reason. For me, it's all about the story. Waiting for a buck, seeing the buck, then shooting the deer just isn't enough for me. I find it necessary seek out my bucks...

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Joe Antinora

The Antinora Buck

Here it is Saturday; October 26, 2013, with the temperatures finally a little cooler and the rut approaching, I was pretty excited to at last, have a day this bow season ...

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Don Forsey

The Forsey Buck

Erie County White 8-Point

It was a morning hunt and I have only hunted this area one other time. I saw two does late in the evening the first time, but no shot... too dark. Anyways... I had been seeing nothing but bucks all morning...

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What Big Bucks Can't Buy

Opening morning in Ontario county was cool and spitting a light rain and the shooting started early, but the weather soon turned brightly sunny and clear. Some of the shots started as my daughter Emily and I were leaving the house...

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The Alberto Buck

12 Years in the Making

I started bow hunting back in 2002 and since then bowhunting for whitetails is pretty much all I do. Each year I start scouting after the season comes to an end, start running trail cameras in the spring and hanging stands in the summer, all in preparation for...

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The Rockwell Buck

A Little help From Above

My family had lost our Father to pancreatic cancer in August of 2012. After so many deer seasons spent together in the woods, the 2012 season was basically just going through the motions for us.  No one really cared...

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Other Featured Deer Stories

The DiMartile Buck

I am writing this story for my 77 year old father that has been hunting our property, and only our property, for over 60 years. He has not been able to hunt as much as he would have liked for the last few years do to some health issues, but this year he was feeling better and he was pumped for the season...

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The Krause Buck

I grew up in New York and have spent my entire life here. I’ve been hunting whitetails for thirty-three years and New York regular season opening days have never been kind to me. I’ve taken a few nice bucks with a bow or muzzleloader, but good bucks have eluded me on the opener...

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The Calderone Buck 2013

This was the plan, over 25 days of ADK deep woods hunting bliss. I pack a month's worth of clothes, food and supplies.

Day 1 - November 6, 2013

We leave Long Island around 5 am, make it into Moose River Plains...

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The Thomas Buck

This story doesn't start with the buck I got, but rather it was a bass tournament I fish every fall called the Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda tournament on the Erie Canal in Newark. I don't know why I bother fishing...

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The DeHond Buck

Arrowed this nice ten point in Churchville, NY in Monroe County. He came in pretty hard to a "can call" and some grunts. He walked up the trail straight to me coming broadside at 15 yards. I was not sure that I would get to draw as he looked up...

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Hitchcock Buck

I had an encounter with this buck the previous Saturday, October 5, 2013. I was sitting 40 yards off a creek in a pinch point, and about 5 o'clock I heard splashing in the creek.

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Squilla Buck

This is the story of my first buck with the bow!!  I was bitten by the hunting bug three years ago, but I unfortunately did not grow up in a family of hunters to learn from or to hunt with.

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2013 Geibel Buck

I hunted the 2013 opening day morning, and evening, with plenty of sightings but none of the decent bucks showed up.  On the second day I skipped the morning hunt because of bad winds...

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