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Farmer Takes Huge Livingston County Buck

Ben Benedict shot this giant on his farm in Caledonia, NY... Livingston County on Nov. 22, 2015.  Photo by Kevin Keenan   Read the story .

2015 New York Whitetails

Every year New York Antler Outdoors gathers some of the better buck photos taken for the season.

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2015 NYS Youth Hunt

Send in your 2015 NYS Youth Hunt weekend photos!

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The Schilling Buck
Cattaraugus County 10-Point

It was Saturday, opening morning of shotgun season 2015,  all is dark and quiet as my friend and I headed to our stands...

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The Carver Buck
Orleans County 11-Point

This year I once again had the good fortune to be able to hunt a large parcel of private property in Shelby NY. The land is split up into three major sections

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The Tripp Buck
Big Washington County 4-Point

As I sat in my stand, I kept replaying the shot over and over again in my mind. I didn't see the deer go down in sight...

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The Tripp Buck
225 lb. Livingston Co. 10-Pt

It was sunday october 11, 2015. The alarm went off at 4 am and I wasn't very motivated to get out of bed that morning ...

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Matt DeMarchi arrowed his first bow buck ever in Dutchess County on 11/3/2014 and got the whole thing on film. Click on the image below and see the hunt.  Watch as Matt is at a loss for words as he walks up on his first buck ever.


The Avanzato Buck

It was a perfect night for hunting, but it almost didn't happen.  Being in school, dad working, and with dark coming sooner now we had to pick our day to hunt.

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The Coffman Buck
Jefferson County Muzzleloader

If it was possible, I'd hunt every day... I love it. I love being in the woods and experiencing all of the things that come along with it. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to...

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The Dissette Buck
Erie County Archery 9-Point

It's been an incredibly tough three buckless seasons! Letting them go and watching them grow is tough...

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The Stankiewicz Buck
I got out of my stand opening morning at 7:30 am after not seeing many deer in the field. I followed this button buck

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The Brandon Thomas Buck
Cayuga County Archery 8-Point

It started the day before on my wife's birthday, October, 11.2014. We had plans all day so I didn't plan on hunting...

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The Teller Buck
Niagara County 10-Point

I am a self-taught hunter. There isn't a soul in my family that hunts, except for me and that is not a bad thing...

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The Grant Buck
"Tremor" Orange County 10-Point

I knew about this buck for the last three years. I even had pictures of him sent to me by friends...

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The Augello Buck
Cayuga County Whitetail Story

Let me start off by saying that I've been in a slump and I went deerless last year for the first time ever...

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The Peterson Buck
Yates County Whitetail Story

I had been archery hunting for 17 years. Up until this time, I had never had the opportunity arise to harvest a mature deer...

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The Sacripanti Buck
Big Westchester County 8-point

I started hunting halfway through the season last year and unfortunately was unable  to fill any of my tags.  I did however...

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The Wilkowski Buck

I saw a nice buck chasing a doe at 100 yds earlier in the morning. Later on in the morning around 9:45 am...

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The Leone Buck
Otsego County 8-Point

Saturday morning in Otsego County, October 25, 2014, was cold with frost on the ground . I was nestled in one of my double ladder stands

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The Roba Buck
Huge Erie County 10-Point

This story starts the week before the opening day of bow season when the first weather forecast was released for that Wednesday; high temperature approaching 80 degrees ...

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