The Wilson Buck
Steuben County Non-Typical

By Gary Wilson

I left for my tree stand at 8:00 am. It sits on my farm that my brother and I inherited from our parents. It was the day after Thanksgiving. I watched the gray squirrels and chipmunks play until noon. There were no deer in sight. I left my stand and went down for some leftovers from our Thanksgiving feast.

After refueling, I went back to my tree stand at about 1:00 pm to watch the "Alvin" and "Rocky" shows and just when I was starting to get a little bored, "Felix" the cat came strutting by. I watched him “hunt” for about a half hour. It was about  4:15 pm when  a doe and two fawns came to the field I was watching. I knew the sunset was at  4:33 pm that day and I was wondering how I was going to get down from my stand without scaring the doe and fawns and giving my position away. 

I had a bleat can in my pocket, I took that out and bleated a couple of times hoping that the doe would hear it and leave. They did not leave, so I bleated again, they still remained in the field by my stand. A few seconds later this huge buck came walking out of the golden rod that flanked the field. I picked up my Henry 30/30 and I scoped him in and shot at about 70 yards. I watched him run for about 50 feet or so and then he fell. Sitting and waiting can be boring, but this day it was my luckiest kill yet.

I took him to our local measurer, Paul Daniels, and he was a whopping , 19-point non- typical that scored 190-7 gross and 179-5 net. I am lucky enough to have already made the Boone and Crockett Club in 2002 and the NYS Big Buck Club with a typical buck that measured in at 163-3, so getting a non-typical with a score like this is exciting for me.  He will get prime position next to the other deer on my wall. 

Gary Wilson shot this huge non-typical 19-point on November 24, 2017 in Pultney, NY... Steuben County.

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