The Wilkowski Buck

By Ron Wilkowski

I saw a nice buck chasing a doe at 100 yds earlier in the morning. Later on in the morning around 9:45 am I had a spike buck come behind me, and I decided I was not going to harvest him. So I sat back in my tree stand, as he ate acorns behind my stand.
A short time later I heard grunting, so I thought another buck was with him, so I turn around, and hear grunting to my right. Wow, here is this buck coming right at me grunting at the spike buck behind me. I can't do a thing as he comes down the hill right at me. He stopped behind a tree, 8 yds away. So I stood up and drew my bow. He started to walk out from behind the tree, and I released just before him, as he was moving. I learned previously that you need to release in front of your intended target.

Boy was I right, he bound off with the arrow deep In him, I could see a great hit. I called my son, who just sent a video of a small 8pt he didn't shoot at 15yds. My son made his way to me, along with my brother Bill. We waited an hour to trail him, as rather be safe than sorry.
We had a fabulous trail from my new Grime Reaper broad head. 35 yds later the arrow was lying in the leaves. Looking up 25 yds further we see this awesome deer!!! Wow did we celebrate!!! This is my best deer to date by bow. And what a surprise, a perfect shot threw the heart! 
I would never have thought I would have an opportunity, as I accidentally shot an arrow in my hand a month and a half ago.  I had accidentally grabbed my grandsons arrow, which is way to short. It didn't hit my hand until I released at the target. Lucky it didn't hit an artery or nerve. You must always be sure to use the proper arrows.

Ron put an arrow through his hand a month and a half before killing the buck.

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