Wayne County 15-Point

by Andrew DiSanto
(Wayne County, NY)

Climbed in the stand the day after the front came through from Hurricane Sandy in a light rain, Halloween night. Had a small 6 point come in early and make a scrape and a doe get chased by another small buck.

It wasn't until close to dark that a I saw a deer come in to the scrape the 6-point had made earlier and make his own right over top. Could not tell how big he was, just that he was out over his ears and definitely a mature buck. Grunted a few short spurts only to have him ignore me, then grunted a deep mature dragged out grunt to have him lift his head and come my way.

Stopped him at 45 yards and made the shot. Saw the lighted nock stick only to see it come out after 15 yards of him running and felt my hear sink. Only to be pleasantly surprised by the great blood trail which followed and found him lying there 60 yards from my stand. What an incredible hunt!

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