Waxing A Bowstring

Why Wax Your Bowstring?

If you were to magnify the string of your bow you would find millions of fibers making up just one strand of the string. All those millions of fibers need a lubricant between each other in order to not create friction or any other force that might compromise their integrity. Waxing a bowstring is still the best way to lubricate for this purpose.

Wax also protects the string from the environment. All those things that come in contact with the bowstring such as dirt, rain, and even your clothing. Wax forms an effective barrier to protect the string from these outside forces.

How To Wax Your Bowstring?

Use A Good Wax.

You want to be able to easily spread the wax and rub it in everywhere. You don’t need to take the string off the bow. Just spread it on; rub it in and wipe off excess. Do not heat the wax or string. All string materials are polymers and should not be heated. Rub only until you feel your hand become warm and no more.

Give Your Bow A "Wax Shampoo".

Put your bow in a press and relax your bowstring... don't remove the string, just relax it. Spread a liberal amount of wax on all exposed surfaces of the string and rub the wax through the string strands until your hands get warm. Don't be shy about the amount of wax you use... if you have a lot on your hand then you know you have a lot on the string. Put tension back on the string and wipe all excess wax off the string with a soft cloth. You will see that most of the dirt and grime will come off on the cloth, leaving your bowstring nice and clean and newly waxed.

It is a good idea to wax your string about every two weeks during the hunting season and maybe every month or so during the off season.

There you have it! With just a little effort and care your bowstring will enjoy a much longer life.

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