Turkey Double Down

By Jacy Strahan

On the morning of May 12. 2013 Jacy Strahan went out with Dutchie Venuti to bag the boss in Dutchie's favorite hunting woods. Jacy tells the story here:

It was a wonderful morning we had multiple gobblers piping up off the roost. They hit the ground and stopped talking as I expected. I told him we'll just hang out for a few minutes and we both agreed to work our way around the back to where we thought they were headed. We snuck about a quarter of that distance and I heard a whisper. He spotted them up ahead. They were just entering the field we were headed to.

I told him to sit right where he was and get ready. I lay flat on my stomach and hit the call and they started gobbling. There were no trees close by to get hunkered into, Dutchie was sitting against a sapling. I worked the birds for about 5 minutes and they like what I was saying because they headed our way gobbling every five steps until I heard a boom! I looked over 10 feet to my right to see a big smile "stone dead" he says.

I started purring and cutting hard and the other birds started taking cheap shots at the dead bird as they do while establishing pecking order. I hear Dutchie whisper "take the gun" I am saying no man it's ok, before I know it. It's comes sliding across the ground in front of me. Well you can't put a gun in front of me like that and not expect me to pull the trigger.

I couldn't resist. I snuck his new Browning Maxus up to my shoulder laying prone and kept a slow cluck and purr going until I could see a head. Long story short, we hammered two birds with one gun on a beautiful spring morning.

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