The Tripp Buck
225 lb. Livingston County 10-Pt.

By Zach Tripp

It was Sunday, October 11, 2015. The alarm went off at 4 a.m. and I wasn't very motivated to get out of bed that morning cause I'd been hunting all week long and had to start a two week work hitch out of town Monday morning at 3 a.m.! I hit the snooze once and then shut it off completely! I wasn't going... I was too tired. Well, after laying there ten minutes or so I told myself what I always tell others, "Can't kill deer from the bed or couch."

As I headed out I checked the wind and realized it was perfect to hunt a certain funnel I knew was a hotspot for big bucks! There's a 2 mile long, by 1 mile wide, standing corn field between the road and the big woodlot which butts up to the river.... and waaaayyy in the back is a smaller hidden corn field that almost touches the river in two corners and the river makes a small peninsula that always holds monsters! The corn field and river make the perfect funnel about 50 yards wide. With the river 5 yards behind my stand and the wind in my face it's the "Perfect Setup". So, as I get out there the only way in is around the huge corn field and then walking through a big woodlot to my stand... hopefully without spooking deer.

I read a long time ago, I think from Cameron Haynes, about walking so that you sound like a deer... toe first and sharply followed by the heel just as sharply. That way you get the "step, step,-step, step" of a deer walking. Well, it must have worked because I didn't jump a single deer. I climbed on up and as the sun came up I kept looking back to my right through the funnel thinking, "This is absolutely perfect", a big buck is gonna come walking down that trail... I know it!

Sure enough, about 7:45am, I looked back and saw some antlers. At first I could just see a couple points, then he stepped out in the path and I was shocked! He read the script! He was coming down the trail that was going to bring him by my stand at ten yards!!! I slowly stood and got my bow ready, all the while trying my best to implant myself into the tree because there's not much cover and I'm only twelve feet up. As he walked by I was staring at his eyes waiting for an opportunity to draw. As his head went behind the small tree in front of the stand I drew the bow and leveled my pin behind his shoulder. He stopped right there... I assume to make a scrape then started to lick a branch and I let him have it!

His feet practically came out from under him and his chin slapped the ground as he crashed and plowed towards the corn. He made about 50 yards right to the edge of the corn and that was it. I'd just center punched my biggest archery buck! And it was the persistence and patience to hunt that spot in the right conditions that paid off. Funny thing too... I told God that morning that if a actually kill a big buck that morning, I'd quit smoking cigarettes. I haven't smoked one since. I'm honored and grateful for a clean kill on a beautiful mature buck and also thankful for the blessing of all that meat for my family. The Buck dressed at 225 pounds. I have yet to score him... update soon.

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