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Using trail cams to capture photos of live whitetails seems to be a growing trend among New York deer hunters. In some cases it is the only time that a particular trophy buck is seen by the hunter. Many hunters have even harvested the buck that they have captured live on camera.

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If you have a good trail cam pic or pics... we'd love to have them to share with our visitors to the site.

By using the form below you can upload you trail cam pics for others to see. All we ask is that the images are of good quality and are in jpeg or gif format.

You can also tell us a little bit about the pic if you like... maybe even let us know what kind of trail cam you are using.

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Trail Cam Pics From Other Visitors

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chocolate thunder 
Big dark rack. Never showed back up

Nice 8 pt 
Have this deer on camera day and night in the same area over 30 straight days.

Waiting for me to come out and play. 
Nice bear on my property just relaxing.

Big Bobcat  
17 years I have my property and I finally get a bobcat on my trail cam.

One-Eyed Stud Part 2 
Onondaga County monster back again in 2019.

Nice 10 
Had this 10 pt. on multiple cameras but only once during the day. My son Nick seen him crossbow season running doe like a freight train thru the woods. …

Herkimer County - Southern ADK Bucks 
On opening weekend regular season North, I found a scrape on a runway coming out of a Hemlock swamp and bumped a large deer 30 yards away. A couple days …

So much for Bow practice 
I went in my yard to shoot some practice arrows and my target was demolished, I found out why.

5 Buck Bachelor Group  
I'm 27 years old, harvested my first buck at 14. I'm obsessed with picture's. Even if I don't harvest one, still like to look at them! Sept 2019

One-Eyed Stud 
Onondaga County bruiser survived the 2018 season with some battle scars. Hope to see him in fall 2019.

Adirondack Bull Moose in Hamilton county!  
First time catching a big bull on camera. Hope to see him for myself.

Beginners Luck  
Bought my first game came back in 2011 tied it to a post at 10 pm in my back yard and beginners luck... first and only time ever got him on camera.

The Non-Typical Ghost 
We caught this awesome non-typical on trail cam in the early morning hours of October 20, 2017. He only made the one camera appearance and has never showed …

Elusive Huge 8  
This huge 8 point showed up at 3 different spots , even at 8:20 am, on Thanksgiving day.been spotted numerous times at night.

Still Out There 
This huge 8 point showed up at 3 different spots, even at 8:20 am, on Thanksgiving day. Been spotted numerous times at night.

Two Doe's Sparring 
Two mothers fighting to allow their siblings to eat

Another Photo of the 7-point Today 
Hopefully he will be around next year.

still haven't drop the antlers 
just taken today. 1-27-2016 He should be real nice next year

Beautiful Symmetrical Monster 
We have been watching this deer for 4 years now. We have over 75 pictures of him and upwards of 50 videos of him. Absolutely beautiful rack.

Big Boy is Back  
This ten pointer has come back for a visit in our backyard.

Big Ten in Backyard 
We have seen tracks all around the house but was able to capture him on my trail cam. I believe he was harvested as a 14 the following November.

Up Close and Personal 
I had my camera out and I checked after it was out for a week and this is what I got.

Wayne County Buck 
This big six point has been running around at my farm for about 3 years and he was found dead...hit by a car. He was around 4.5, 5 years old.

Coyotes Caught 
not good

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Coyotes, caught in the act! 
The picture of the coyote with the fawn was taken on August 9, 2014. I thought fawns were pretty safe by then. I guess not.

Light from Above! 
I thought this doe was about to be beamed up to a UFO,,, until I realized I had two cameras go off at the exact same time.

Guilford, NY # 2 
still out there on state land 2014

Right Turn Antler 
This bruiser may have gotten injured in velvet.

Big Boy 
Comes and goes!

Not a deer 
I threw apples out hoping to get a pic of the deer that have been seen in my backyard. I guess foxes like apples too.

Nice Non-Typical 
This buck would be a really nice 8-point with those long brows, but has something going on with the right side. Check out the lump on the right side of …

Okie Buck 
New buck on trailcam

Big Suburban Buck 
Have been tracking this buck for two years. Have three of his sheds and have many game camera images of him. Last image I have of him was 08/13/13. Image …

Holy Crap!!! 
my biggest deer I have ever taken, And the trail cam pic of the buck I named "Holy Crap"!!!.

Wayne County Bachelors  
Pics taken 100 yards across road from my house on a side hill

CNY Tall Ten 
I've been able to spot him a few times from the road, but this is the first time I've got him on camera.

Big Back Yard Deer 
Taken in our backyard in Parsippany, NJ (no hunting)early 2013.

Backyard Big Buck 
Taken from our backyard in Parsippany, NJ end of year 2012

Broome County Brothers 
We have seen these two bucks a few times over the last two years and even had opportunity to shoot them. I actually missed the larger one on the left last …

Guilford, NY 
These pics where from fall of 2012 I don't know if he got shot during gun or not

Staten Island (NO HUNTING) 
Monster buck... I see him all the time

Nice 8-Point  
Pic of a decent 8 point needs 1-2 more years he will be a monster!!:)

Backyard Oakland NJ 
These are actual photos from our trail cam off our back deck. We have a few different bucks that come in. 8-point, 7-point, 6-point and 4-point. Beautiful …

2012 big buck on my property, never seen him during season though.

Stickers Buck 
10-point main frame with stickers off browtines

2012 Genesee County Survivors 
Nobody harvested this guy in 2012 either. This is the only look at him. He's out there somewhere yet.

two 8pts and the "crab claw" 10 
These are just a few of the pics that we have of these deer, we have only had a couple encounters with them during early bow season and last week we bumped …

9 Point 11/14/12 Chenango county Town of Bainbridge 
9 point buck i took down 11/17/12 this photo was actually taken 11/14/12 the date and time are wrong.


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TURKEY FOOT showed up this year at our small 27 acre spot on the shores of Lake Ontario...he isn't book worthy but this old bruiser has massive body size …

SWISS ARMY was caught on camera this season on a new piece of property we started hunting...our Hunting Partner Andy saw him in person OCT 13th 2012...he …

Heavy Tall and, Well, Just Huge Wyoming County  
I had this deer at 18 yards behind a blow down and it never gave me a good kill shot so I had to reluctantly let it go in hopes that it gives me a second …

A buck my wife Laura and myself are after big 4.5 year old New York State buck, Jason and Laura Ashe

Droptine With Other Junk 
Taken in late July on part of a 1500 acre lease...the picture is a cell phone pic of my tv where I check my cards

Broome County Monster 1 year later 
I have pics of this same Monster from last year. This photo was taken less than 100 yards from where I got photo's of him last fall.

Mr White Spot 2010, 2011, 2012 Oneida County 
First pic of this deer was 2010, did not see the deer all hunting season. Second pic 2011, saw him come out from behind houses crossed field to my hunting …

Broome County Monster 
And my buddies all thought I was full of it when I first described him. I first came across this buck two weeks before the 2011 Archery season while …

This buck I got on film in August of 2011 in Deposit, NY. I didn't see him at all this season... he's going to be a big one this year. He's 11 points in …

Pope and Young Worthy 
I first saw him on the trail cam in mid July. I got quite a few pitures through out the summer and early fall, scouting for sign and moving the camera …

Headless Deer 
My trail camera caught this doe at just the right angle and at just the right moment, that it looks like she has no head.

Decent 10 
I only got one picture of this deer and seen him during the rut chasing a doe across the field.

"Big 9" 
I only got one picture of this buck and never seen him during the season.

"The Devil Buck" 
I've got trail cam videos of this buck that this pic came from that shows his shed velvet dangling off his antlers. This was in September. I got him opening …

Face off 
I watched these two over the past three years. I had the eight point in my sights last year, but he didn't give me a good shot so I let him walk. That …

This is picture of the buck I have been hunting all season. What was great about it ,I finally harvested him,walked over to my camera and this picture …

St. Lawrence County 8 point 
Heres a few pics of a nice 8 point I have on my Moultrie cam. I have never seen this buck before and haven't gotten any more pics.

Just Before Shedding Velvet 
Got these two bucks behind my house on 9/14/11 and thought I'd share these on this site. 7-pointer & 8-pointer

Droopy is another buck which we believe we have back to back pictures of 2010/ decide...either way they are both big bucks and would be a great …

Late Summer 10-Point Cuddeback Picture 
In my hunting area this season!

Cayuga County bucks 
A young 8 point and 9 point with some potential and a nice 8 that may be ripe for the picking!

"BIG SIX" has been a buck that we were able to get pictures of two years in a row. He was spotted once during the fall of 2009, and once during the 2010 …

Cayuga County 8 point 
Have been seeing this deer quite a bit on the farm. Looks like a nice buck but I'm having trouble aging and scoring him. Any guesses?

I was lucky enough to get these two pics of him last November. He's a giant 9-point! A main frame 8 with a split brow tine. He was not seen the rest of …


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Big Boy 
Madison County Buck

This is one of twelve pic I got of this buck this year, I was fortunate enough to harvest him on Nov 13th with a bow. This picture shows the droptine before …

The G2 Buck 
Here are some Pictures of The G2 Buck before I harvested him. The first picture is catching him walking threw the woods. The other pictures are of …

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