The Lopez buck

by Tino Lopez
(Colonie, NY)

My first time hunting this stand, I got set up at 5:30 am, nocked an arrow with a 2 blade rage and stood on my stand patiently. At 7:25 I saw a blurr...

I grunted from my mouth, it sounds better than any grunt call. Right away he came in my direction, he was at a steady quick pace, and I drew back as he hit the thirty yard mark.

He came directly under my tree.. 18 ft. under me his mouth open inhaling the "doe-in-heat" scent I put out... at this point I've been at full draw for what seemed like an hour, but was only like 2 minutes.

Still under me, he stopped... I let it fly and the arrow hit him about six inches behind the top of the shoulders. He took off and ended up going about ten yards when blood squirted straight up in the air... he kept running till he was outta sight.

I gave him two hours, then went to search for him. All of 80 yards he went... and that two blade Rage left a blood trail like no other, a blood bath none the less.

This is the biggest buck I have landed, and he's the third one im having mounted... thanks to my brother who is a taxidermist. All in all, it was a great experience and I am so thankful for everything that happened and how it all worked out...And, to conclude it was a double lung shot.

He weighed 204 lbs
Raw score of 108.5
Busted up 8-pointer a true scrapper.

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