Tall Niagara County 9-point

by Don Forsey
(Niagara County)

October 16, 2020

Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County

It was shortly after 8 am when the buck first appeared 180 yards to my right, stepping into the same open field that I had a stand in. It took him about 10 minutes to slowly wander in my direction. I lost sight of him a few times during his stroll. At about 75 yards away I saw his legs through some trees that scattered this open field.

The tall 9 point made 2 scrapes on his way along the hedgerow that which I was hunting. I was in a tree stand 20 yards away from the hedgerow that which he was walking. He stopped at 25 yards to make a scrape and rub his orbital glands on a low hanging oak branch. He did this while looking up in my direction as he rubbed the branch. I thought for sure he would have picked me off up in my stand, he did not. My bow mounted GoPro was on at this point anticipating a shot.

After he finished making his second scrape he continued on a path that would positively end up giving me a shot. I was in a 3 trunk tree and as he walked by one of the trunks that helped cover my movement I drew my bow, he was walking broadside at 20 yards at this point. A soft little mouth grunt and the buck stopped to look. The arrow was already through his chest and he was soon on his 50 yard death run.

The Swhacker 2” 100 grain broad head did its job once again. He stopped in a shallow creek at 50 yards away and fell over. One hour into the hunt and I had my 1st deer of the COVID infested season.

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