Sunrise Buck

by Chris Guarino
(York, NY )

On Friday November 10, 2017 we had our first snow fall and it was 22 degrees with a wind chill factor of 6 degrees. I was in my stand by 5:30 am. I ended up getting really cold and started to shiver. I couldn’t handle the cold anymore so at 6:41 am I decided to climb down and head back to the truck.

I am now on the ground walking through the woods and I hear a buck grunt. I look to my right and it’s this buck that we have named “Forky Dorky.” I had no intention of shooting him so I just watched him walk off. Once he disappeared I continued to take a step forward. Just as I did I caught movement off to my right. All I can see is this rack coming straight to me I knew at that point that it wasn’t “Forky Dorky.”

I kneeled down back on my knees and got ready behind a tree. He got to 15 yards and went behind a tree and I then came to full draw. He picked his head up and saw me as soon as he took his left front leg forward I released the rage chisel tip into his chest at 10 yards. He than ran 10 yards and expired.

I couldn’t believe what just happened and was in shock on how I shot this buck from the ground at 6:58 am two minutes after sunrise. This is the kind of story you read out of a bow hunter magazine about Fred Bear about one of his experiences bow hunting Whitetails.

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