State Land Surprise 11/22/11

by Josette Peck
(Cassadaga,N.Y. Chautauqua County)

Archery season had been a real bummer. I missed three oppotunities to take a deer. My Husband shot a huge deer just 160 yards away from where I had been sitting in my stand.

Now it was gun season and the first year we could use rifle... Yes! I had passed on a 4-point that walked right under my stand. I was still hoping for some thing with a little more "bone" on his head. It had been years since I had taken a decent buck and my stepson had seen a good Buck on his family's land right next to State land. With this in mind, I wanted to make it an early day in that area.

I hiked up a snowmobile/truck road, up hill, to the area. The State land bordered this property and many deer came down from there to escape all the hunters. They would travel the ravines that were a part of that area to hide. I walked up above a well traveled deer trail with a good view and waited.

All of a sudden, I heard something running through the leaves. A buck came down the raven next to me and made his way straight towards me on the deer trail. He was maybe forty yards away when he noticed me, and stoped dead in his tracks. He had a look in his eyes as if to say, "Oh No!"

I already was aimed right on his chest, as he was facing me . I shot before he had a chance to do anything. He ran 60 yards down the hill (Thank God) before he tumbled into a fallen tree and died. He is the best Deer I have ever taken and this actually happened 50 yards inside State land.

My Buck weighed 160 lbs field dressed and he scored 122-5 gross and 120-2 net. Thank you God for answered prayers!

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