The Stankiewicz Buck

By Katie Stankiewicz

I got out of my stand opening morning at 7:30 am after not seeing many deer in the field. I followed this button buck, that walked through my stand twenty minutes earlier, into the woods to see if maybe he would lead me somewhere good to hunt. I ran into him a ways in the woods and watched him reunite with his mom and walk off further in the woods.

After they were out of ear shot and sight I continued to stalk them. I got to a nice hill where I could see a ways down and pulled out the doe bleat and blew on it a couple times. Out of nowhere this huge deer comes bounding 40 yards in front of me. At this point I couldn't tell whether it was a buck or a doe. I hadn't seen the head yet, all I could see was body. He jumped over the tree and continued on his way.

After bleating a couple more times and waiting a while I went to where I last saw him to pick up his tracks and proceeded to stalk this deer. After about fifteen yards I'd come to the creek ridge and looked down and saw him. But, he had seen me as well, spooked and started running. After a few bounds he stopped and that's when I took my shot. Great first buck and great stalk!

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