The Southerton Buck
Livingston County 10-Point

By Scott Southerton

Well now that things have settled down and I have come down from cloud nine, I can tell the story of my experience of a lifetime that took place Saturday morning 10/30/21. After hours of hunting and miles of walking in and out of the woods, I was able to harvest a buck of a lifetime. I still get shaky writing about it. 

Coming in at 176 inches, this 10-pointer came in to twenty yards after sitting six hours without seeing a single deer. I had ample time to grab my bow. I drew back with my 25 year old plus bow, handed down to be from my father 16 years ago, and stick this guy right where it counted. At that moment he decided he wasn’t going to make it easy for me, as he felt the need to drive himself 335 yards into the nastiest cedar swamplands he could find. I was not be able to find him after an hour of searching Saturday night. So, back to camp I went and slept restless knowing I had just shot a stud of a whitetail and was having difficulty finding him. 

Sunday morning came early, 4 a.m. as I couldn’t sleep. So, I headed back out to try again. I went to the last blood, and that was just it... last blood, so I thought. With no other options I gave my new friend Bob Yax and his dog "Thor" a phone call. With a few short questions and answers Bob was on his way. 

Once on site my new four legged friend, Thor, went to work at first blood... and within three minutes was celebrating his newest recovery some 330 plus yards away from the shot. 

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