Southern Zone 8-Point

by Robert Mergen
(Niskayuna, NY... Columbia Co.)


Columbia County (4z)
8 pointer
33 yards from a tree stand

Rain in the forecast... lots of rain...
At 5 pm I made a fawn in distress call and the big 8 came in to the field with a spike horn, both very interested in the sound they heard.

They slowly made their way down towards my stand and lost interest 50 yards out. Made a doe bleat and they turned back around. The 8 walked into bow range, but very alert. When I let it go he jumped the string and spun. Not the best hit and we lost blood due to pouring rain and darkness. We tracked until 9pm and figured out the plan for the morning to find him.

With the help from two very good friends and hunting companions, Michael Rockwell and Darryl Hunt, both from Niskayuna, we found the buck at first light on 10/3/2015 unharmed.

It was an exciting hunt, tracking effort, and weekend as well... all harvested bucks in the span of 3 days.

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