Snow Storm Buck

by John Cahoon
(Monroe County)

Just after Finding Him in the AM.

Just after Finding Him in the AM.

John Cahoon 11pt taken 12-7-10 in Monroe County. Thompson Center Encore 50 cal. Taken during heavy snow. I spotted him on saturday, but couldn't get a shot as he turned and disappeared. I then heard him fighting with another buck soon after.

A few days later it was very cold with winds and blowing snow. I thought about not hunting since it was so nasty out and then I decided I would not get a deer laying on the couch. I went out and to my surprise the Monster Buck again appeared and then quickly disappeared.

I then looked over to the other side of the hedge row I was hunting and saw him making his way towards me. I quickly took position up against a tree and as he started to break across the field I called out to him and stopped him. I squeezed a round off and he took off.

I went over to the snow and found very little blood, and some hair. I waited till midnight and my good friend, Taxidermist Bill Yox, and I went out to find him. We came across many bloody beds. All around the beds where fox tracks. The buck kept getting kicked up by fox looking for an easy meal.

I heard some crashing and followed the tracks until he had jumped a creek and crossed a road. I went out at first light to find him. After about an hour of searching I came across an empty bloody bed once again, and my heart sank. I continued on the trail and soon after saw that he was finally down for good.

The buck Traveled about 600 yards before bedding up and expiring.

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