Sent From Above

by Dustin Osborne
(Otsego County)

A 7 year dry spell with a bow has ended. For 7 years I have lugged around a recurve to get the job done and finally made it happen. All traditional, all instinctive.

It’s a large feat with a recurve and even harder when you bring video cameras into the equation. I self-filmed this hunt this morning on my largest buck to date, and with the freakin’ struggle stick.

Most people know I lost my dad last season while hunting together, worst day of my life. My dad died right next to this tree stand that I shot this deer out of today. If that’s not an act of god I’m not sure what is. To bring things even more full circle, I tracked this deer about 100 yards with one of my dad and I’s best friends. The same friend was the one with me the day my dad died in this very spot and helped me drag my dad out of these woods in 3 feet snow. This friend was with me then and was with me today.

This deer ran a short loop and dropped dead right under a homemade wooden tree stand that was the first ever I had hunted with my dad over 20 years ago. The shot was a little high, a little back, but clipped both lungs, thankfully. I could not be more thankful, blessed, and happy for today’s events. Thank you dad. Thank you Brooks. #Humble.

Dustin Osborne.
Otsego County.
6 point.
Dressed 165 lbs

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