Second Chance

by Justin Sharp

13 points. Never weighed it didn't care I was just disbelief all day honestly and about 5 o'clock in the afternoon on the phone someone asked me how many points is he and honestly I had no idea. People keep throwing out guesses on score and weight but that's not what its all about. I hunt harder than anyone I know and I don't just settle on a buck just to kill one to say I did. This deer deserves respect no matter what the score.

I harvested him at 642 11/20/2021 and redeemed myself from what I thought was a deer I had fatally wounded on a bad decision to take a shot that I know everyone would have too but wasn't fair to take on a deer like that. I have been sick for weeks over it until he showed back up again few days ago. I HARVESTED him with a 243

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