Second Chance Whitetail

by David Semar
(Oakfield, NY)

Me and the deer

Me and the deer

While hunting in my favorite spot in Elba, NY, I was able to harvest this beautiful whitetail. I had seen this particular deer during bow season, but he did not come close enough for me to get a shot.

I was able to harvest a decent 6 point during bow season. I hoped that I was able to get a second chance the opening day of shotgun. At around 8 a.m. I heard shots coming from across the corn field in which I was set up on. At the time, I didn't realize that the shots came from my friend Hank. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught movement in the thicket. I instantly recognized the buck I'd seen during bow season, coming right at me. Upon reaching an opening at 80 yards, I took careful aim, squeezed the trigger, and made an adequate lung shot. After the first shot, he started to run right towards me. He dropped 40 yards from my tree stand. This buck came 37 years in the waiting, being my biggest deer to date. Thanks for taking the time to share this moment with me. Happy hunting!


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