Sean's First Deer

By Mike Baird

It was the first year Sean Baird (13) was allowed to hunt with his bow.  We had been seeing a lot of deer from our new buddy stand, but he just couldn’t get that perfect shot.

During the last week before Daylight Savings Time, allowing us to get out after school and before dinner, I decided to leave work a little early and grab him and go sit.

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, we watched the neighbor’s friend walk in, and then watched their dog tour their yard, but we didn’t see any deer. Finally, as Sean was getting frustrated, I noticed a deer behind us walking away. I decided to give him a little grunt, and he turned around. The buck came back toward the stand. Sean picked up his bow and waited. The buck walked within range (16 yards) and while his head was behind a tree, Sean drew.

Of course the deer stopped and looked up at us, while his vitals remained behind the tree.  We closed our eyes and waited, hoping that he wouldn’t run off. The young buck put his head down and took the two more steps to allow Sean to get a good clean shot.  My son had harvested his first deer.  

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