New York's Record Whitetail Bucks

Every year nearly 300 new record book whitetails are entered in New York State. Here are the top record whitetail bucks taken in New York, by category, as recorded by the New York State Big Buck Club.

Gun Typical

Roosevelt Luckey Buck

Score: 198 2/8
Number of Points: 14
Year Taken: 1939
County: Allegany

Gun Non-Typical

Homer Boylan Buck

Score: 244 2/8
Number of Points: 26
Year Taken: 1939
County: Allegany

Archery Typical

Dieter Herbert

Score: 191 3/8
Number of Points: 10
Year Taken: 2020
County: Suffolk

Archery Non-Typical

Phillip Pless

Score: 214 2/8
Number of Points: 19
Year Taken: 2020
County: Niagara

Muzzleloader Typical

Greg Radford Buck

Score: 166 7/8
Number of Points: 11
Year Taken: 2002
County: Livingston

Muzzleloader Non-Typical

Keith Levick Buck

Score: 221 0/8
Number of Points: 22
Year Taken: 2007
County: Niagara

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