Perfect Niagara County 8

by Don Forsey
(Niagara County)

Wheatfield, October 22, 2021

I almost missed this deer cutting across an open field behind my stand. By the time that I spotted him, he was quartering towards me and at 50-60 yards. That’s pretty close when I only had the tree to hide in. I was 20 yards into a field from a hedgerow. I didn’t really have anywhere to hide.

I had to stand up, grab my bow and turn on my GoPro camera that is attached to the stabilizer. That’s a lot of movement when all I have between me and the fast approaching buck is air. He was just pass broadside when I came to full draw on him. He was 25 yards away when he stopped for my soft “BAH”. For some reason I had a hard time settling my pin on his chest. I could feel the anxiety starting to set in when I was finally happy with my pin placement. I’m sure that this anxiety was only 3-4 seconds, but seemed longer when at full draw and a buck looking for you. The arrow hit perfect and the 8 only went 20 yards before stopping.

He stood there fore about 5-10 seconds and I started to wonder why he hasn’t fallen yet. Just then he wobbled and fell to the ground, never really taking another step.

I always film the arrow recovery and blood trail for my YouTube page. When I found my Swhacker 100 grain tipped Carbon Express arrow I learned that it had never opened. I had my camera in one hand so I only had one hand to pick up the arrow and try to open it. I couldn’t make the head expand. The unopened 1 inch cut did the job just fine but it should have been a 2” cut. This explains why he lived as long as he did after the shot.

There was no real blood trail to speak of which is my only concern with the head not opening. I would have been in trouble if I was in thick woods and the buck went farther. But after all was said and done, a perfect shot with an un-expanded head still does the trick.

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