Other Deer Pictures From New York

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Cathy Turner Buck

Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater, Cathy Turner, arrowed this 13-point that netted 170-1 P&Y in October 2010, the Monroe County bucks gross score is 188-5.

Dermody Buck

2010's Biggest Archery Typical taken by Patrick Dermody. This Boone and Crockett Genesee County 13-pointer netted 173-3

Sawyer Buck

My best buddy Jim Sawyer and his giant 6-point taken in Onondaga County. The buck scored 106

Faruch Buck

Nick Faruch of Rochester, NY took this bruiser...

Read Nick's story here

Edwards Buck

Dave Edwards with his NYS Record Book Buck taken in Scott, NY. The buck grossed 206-0 and netted 182-0 B&C making it 2010's biggest NY typical whitetail.

Ellerson Buck

Chad Ellerson with his 18-point Broome County Buck. Chad's buck officially grosses 184-5 B&C and nets 164-7 B&C

Goltry Buck

Schuyler Goltry took this 16-point non-typical with three drop tines on October 16, 2010 on Sugar Hill, NY. The big buck weighed in at 207 lbs.

Barret Buck

Shane Barrett, 21, of Marcellus, with his 185 lb. 10-pointer taken with muzzleloader. The buck sports a 20 3/4" spread.

Mitson Buck

David Mitson, 45, of Camillus, poses with a 10-point buck he shot with a bow on November 7, 2010 in Cazenovia in the town of Fenner.

Holubar Buck

Bjorn Holubar and his record book 202-5 B&C
non-typical, taken in Suffolk County in 2009. The buck is the 2nd largest non-typical ever taken with a bow in New York.

Vann Buck

Jamie Vann arrowed this 11 point Seneca County Buck. The typical racked buck officially grossed 174-6 and netted 159-0 B&C by the NYS Big Buck Club.

Gober Buck

Matt Gober arrowed this giant whitetail in Genesee County on October 18, 2010. The buck officially grossed 187-0 P&Y netted 170-2 P&Y which makes it one of the all-time biggest archery typicals in New York State

Freak Buck

Pete Cuervo had his chance on the morning of November 7, 2010. After an unfortunate gut shot with his bow, and six days and 2/3 of a mile, he finally put a tag on this massive non-typical with 21 scorable points and officially net scores 192-1 B&C. The DEC aged the buck at 7.5 years old.

Eric Hansen Buck Pic

Eric Hansen, took this 13-point buck near Stanley, NY on 11/18/2009

Jacques Buck

Buddy Jacques 41 of Syracuse arrowed this 23-point buck in Lafayette, NY on Nov. 6, 2010. The buck officially scores a net 190-3 B&C as a non-typical.

McCarthy Buck

John McCarthy Jr., 27, of Auburn, took this massive, 17-point buck in Aurelius, NY during the 2010 archery season. Check out the extra beam on the deer's right side. The buck officially scores 177-6 B&C as a non-typical and grosses 184-1 B&C.

Gooley Buck

This buck was taken on Nov. 6, 2010 by North River, NY resident Bob LaVergne. The buck weighed 178-pounds and sports a non-typical rack with 21-points. The massive buck will likely score in the 190's as a non-typical, making it one of the top non-typicals of all time in NY.

Blu Buck

This monster 17 point buck was taken in New Paltz, NY on November 4th by Gene Twerwilliger. The bruiser buck grossed 173-3 B&C and netted 166-4 B&C. It was also aged at 3.5 years old.

Vermeulen Buck

Dave Vermeulen of Corinth with a HUGE 6-pointer (172-pounds) taken on Oct. 30, 2010

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