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Nice 11-Point  
Paul Vaughan, I shot this 11-point buck on 11/10/2022 in Livingston County with my crossbow. He scored 130 3/8" gross and 124 2/8".

Logan’s Buck 
Logan Hammons, 13 yrs old, shot his 2nd buck, a 4 point, on Nov 19, 2022 in Ephratah, NY... Fulton county

Opening Day 2022 
10 points, 218 pounds dressed, 11/19/22

First Crossbow Buck 
This is my first buck taken with my crossbow. 9 points taken on November 20th, 2022, in Schuyler county NY. Feild dressed 115lb.

Dad's Buck 2022 
Allen Swift of Steuben County NY scored this impressive 8-point with a sticker on 11/22/22 on West hill. 190 lbs. dressed. 150 class. Hunting with a stainless …

Adirondack Buck 
Tracked on 11/22/22 in the adirondacks

Big 6-Point. 
The biggest 6-point I've ever seen came in following a doe. It all happened fast I shot him at less than 20 yards with my crossbow on November 9, 2022. …

8 point 
8 point afternoon hunt November 21,2022

My First Buck 
Payton Rullman killed her first buck 11/12/22

My First Buck 
Payton Rullman shot her first buck 11/12/22 at 10:40am

Father and Son Buck 
My name is Tom Foland my son and I hunted this 8 point for 2 weeks and on November 29, 2022 I got to pull the triger in upstate ny he weighed 164

Trevor South shot this 8-point on 12/1/22

The Ghost 8 
Went out hunting in hopes of seeing a doe to harvest this guy comes out of no where. He made his appearance 10 minutes into the hunt. We had never seen …

My Dream Bow Buck 
I harvested this nice 8 point buck with my bow on 10/29/22. He green scored 155 5/8. I watched him for over 2 hours before I got a shot.

The Martin Buck 
Shot 11/12/2022 green scored net 163 7/8 killed with compound bow

Big 8 
Big 8pt. Hunted him for 5 years. Killed 11/21/2022

Opening Day Blessing! 
11 point taken 11/19/22 in Fulton Co.

Double Brow Tine 10-Point 
I got this beautiful double brow tined buck opening afternoon 11/19/2022 in 8G Sweden, NY with my Remington LT-20. My husband missed this buck one week …

Opening Day Buck 
After being in the woods, for only 30 minutes opening morning, 11/19/22 this buck stepped out, and I harvested the largest day of my life

Awesome Opening Day 
Shot 7 point and bear a hour apart on 11-19-22 in Allegany County

My Biggest Buck  
I shot this buck at 45 yards November 19th 2022 at 7:30 am and it is the largest buck I’ve ever seen in the woods in the 20+ years I’ve hunted a true trophy …

Josephine Metarko took this nice 8pt 11/20/22 in Steuben County with a 12 gauge 870.

Early Afternoon Kill! 
This 7 point was harvested on 11/18/22 by Eric Sanford in Chenango County NY.

Nice archery 8 point 
Archery 8 point taken by Mike Yates on November 4th 2022 in Genesee county.

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First Bow Buck 
8 point arrowed in Otsego county. Town of Roseboome. Harvested on November 13, 2022

First Bow Buck  
My first buck with the bow dropped at 45 yards around 7am on 11/08/2022. In Westchester county. 9 point. Dident believe buck fever existed until I saw …

First Crossbow Buck 
11 point buck , shot on 11/10/2022

First Bow Buck 
Mariah Leveille first bow buck taken 11/05/2022 in Otsego County, NY. 8 point

My First Buck 
Killed in Burlington NY in Otsego county on 10/8/2022. Eight points. Shot with 7mm08

Daughters First Buck  
9 point buck out of Darien NY. 10-8-22 weighed 230 on the hoof. Madison kiebzak shot the buck during the 2022 youth hunt at 50 yards with a Bergara …

Ryan Stiles arrowed In Onondaga county on 11/5/2021 
Ryan Stiles -Onondaga County 14-point named “Tank” arrowed on November 5, 2021 at 31 yards and only went 27 yards. Dressed out at 231 scored 176 1/8

My Niagara County Chocolate 8 
Lewiston, Niagara County New York October 12 2018 It was the first cold front of the 2018 archery season, and I had to get out into the woods. An …

Hole in the Antler 9-point 
This buck was killed on October 16th 2020 in the town of Wheatfield New York at 19 yards after making 2 scraps on his way along a field edge. He went 50 …

Old Crabby 
This buck is a straight typical 10 point that had a live weight of 230 lbs. He was estimated to be 6 1/2 yrs old and gross scored at 158 inches. …

My Largest New York Buck  
9-point shot with muzzleloader on 12-26-21. 18" inside spread and scored 135"

8 Point  
ADK 8-point shot Nov 27, 2021 in Hamilton County

My Thanksgiving Buck 
Shot on 11/25/21 in Greene County. Weight was 155lbs. fully dressed. 8 points.

Back to back bucks from last season name is Zach Shipley. On November 17, 2020 I harvested a fairly unique 11 point buck that I call Kicker on my private farm. The buck was well …

Oak Ridge Buck 
8-Point Buck taken in the Bristol Hills on 12/9/21 with an Ithaca Deerslayer 12 Gauge shotgun (100 yard shot that dropped him in his tracks)!

Last Day Stud  
8 point 167lbs, scored 140, 26 1/8 spread , Date of Kill 12/12/2021

My Best Archery Buck.  
My best archery buck to date. Taken November 6, 2021. 9 point taken with my Mathews No Cam at 50 yards. My son Clayton who just turned 8 led my brother …

13 Point 
Dan Lewis killed this buck in Broome County on December 7, 2021

10 PT 
Ken Elston of Chemung County shot this buck on 12/11/21

My First Gun Buck 
9 point buck. Harvested on 12/7/21 with a .243 rifle

My 6 Point Buck 
Matthew Vroman Shot this 6 point buck early morning on 11/25/21 in Charlotteville NY

Eight Point 
Vincent Naclerio arrowed this 8-point on 12/6/21 In Rockland County

The Valley Buck 
8 points rifled on 12/4/21 in Broome County weighing in at 170lbs

Opening Day in the ADK. 
Opening day of regular season (10/23/21). Jumped him on his scrape and he was working his way back to see what was going on. Let him get 20 yards in the …

Nice heavy rack 10 point Killed in Tompkins County on 11/20/2021

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Bow Buck 
Had this young stud come in at 12 yards on 11/10/21 in Rockland County. Took the shot and watched him drop 50 feet away.

Massive 8 Adk Buck 
Super nice 8 pointer scoring in at 130inches with 5 inch base that weighed 182 with some real good mass on his horns, was killed in Essex county harvested …

Big 7 
Big 7 195 dressed 11/14/21 Suffolk county

Side Kick Buck 
This buck was a 7 pointer, about 150 lbs… the same buck we saw on our trail cam earlier in the Summer. I was approximately 65 yards away when the shot …

Young and Heavy 8 
8 point shot in 9a Niagara county with 1187 12 guage on 11/22/21. Dec aged at 2.5 yrs old.

Anthony’s Buck 
Anthony Law shot this 7 point on 11/30/21 in St Lawerance

Big 10 
I harvested this beautiful 10 point 11/21/21 the second day of new york rifle season. The buck weighed in at 175lbs dressed with a 19 1/2 inch inside spread. …

First Buck 
This 8 point scored 144 upon kill. He was harvested 11/25/21 in Great Valley, NY by Hayden Rust on his Grandfathers land.

My Giant 8 
After several years of hard work and dedication it finally paid off! On 11/24/21 I was able to get a shot on this 151” 8 point and it felt great. This …

We named this buck Crabby Daddy after getting pics of him as a 2 1/2 year old. He had crab claws on the ends of both his main beams. As his genetics spread …

First Regular Season Buck 
8 point, 11-27-21 McDonough NY

1st Time I Got This Deer On Camera Was Last Year. Then Sept 12 This Year I Started To Get Him Daily Oct 3rd 2021 I Shot Him At 10 Yards Ontario County …

My First Buck  
8 point buck about 150 pounds. Shot on 11/25/2021 in Steuben County

Backyard Buck  
I’ve had this buck on camera for three years but mostly at night until October 25th. 2021 he stepped out 10 yards from my stand when I arrowed him. My …

My 8-point  
Shot a nice 8 point on 11-25-21 was a 3 hr drag up a gully but was very pleased with my buck so I'm call him the gully 8

It took me 44 Years to finally get this big guy!!! 
11-point Buck w 6 on left and 5 (1/2) on Right Taken by rifle on opening day 11/20/2021 in the town of Blooming Grove, Orange County New York.

The Freak 
Been hunting this deer for a few years hundreds of trail cam pics sheds and encounter finally ended the chase on one of the oldest massive deer I've ever …

My 2021 8pt. 
Buck shot in Putnam County on 11/20/2021, Savage 220 slug gun, 150 lbs.

My First Deer Ever! 
My first deer 8pt Buck, shot with a Windham .223, Thanksgiving Morning... November 25, 2021 in Steuben County, Town of Thurston, NY

Buck of a Lifetime  
Mason Muoio, Genesee County, harvested 11/20/2021 at 8:14AM.

Thanksgiving Day Buck 
Matthew Vroman 6 point Schoharie County 11/25/21

Lucky Buck 
12 point 11/20/21 rifle season

First Buck Taken 
Buck was taken 11/25/21 in Orleans county. 8 point buck

Big Old 7-point 
Mark Brow Sr. shot this nice 7-point on 11-21-21 in Jefferson County with his 30-06 at a whopping 45 yard shot.

My first buck  
8 point Shot on 11/20/21

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My 2021 Buck 
Hi, you guys are doing a great job and I enjoy your site and Facebook page! I'm the owner of Wandering Trails Taxidermy, I was able to sneak out of my …

My camp buck 
Shot this buck in Oswego county. Killed with an AR-10. On 11/20/21 early morning. At my hunting camp.

First Quality Deer 
This is my first deer that could hang on the wall, I have shot a few small 5 points before. The deer was taken in Oswego County on 11/21/21 while hunting …

My Newtown Buck 
My 11 point buck. It weighed 152 pounds. It is my first rack buck in 20 years! Got him 11/20/21.

My Colonial Buck 
This buck was taken today by me Lucas Krawczyk in Erie County on November 22, 2021 with a Pennsylvania Long musket

My First Buck 
8 pointer shot on November 20, 2021 In Schoharie County

First buck 
Elijah Horzempa 15 shot his first buck a 9 point in Genesee County on 11/20/21 with a 260 Remington

Second Chance 
13 points. Never weighed it didn't care I was just disbelief all day honestly and about 5 o'clock in the afternoon on the phone someone asked me how many …

Chemung County - November 11, 2021 
November 11, 2021. Chemung County, Van Etten NY. 125-5/8” Mark Flora

My first buck! 
My first buck. 8 pointer shot in Schoharie County on 11/20/21 at 7am.

My 5 Minute Buck 
8 pointer shot in Albany County on November 21st.

First Buck 
November 20, 2021

8 and Wide 
170 lbs., 8 point with bow 18 yds on 11/14/21 in Madison County

8 Point Buck  
Shawn lewis 11/13/2021 st Lawrence county 192 pounds 8 point

Big Buck  
Courtney Bickelhaupt shot this 11 point with her rifle in St. Lawrence County on 11/14/21

Orchard Buck 
Chris Wright Niagara County 11/12/2021

Nice 8 point 
8-point 133 lb. buck shot in St Lawrence county on November 10, 2021

Crossbow Buck 
8pt shot with crossbow at 25 yards. 11/9/21 Montgomery County

My First Whitetail Buck  
I was sure I wouldn’t see anything after bumping 3 doe on my way to my stand. I still tried anyways. The wind was blowing exceptionally hard but just before …

On 11/10/21 Mike Shaw harvested this nice 6-point in Wyoming County!

My Big 6-point 
I shot this 6pt with my crossbow on 11/8/21

"Lightweight Larry" 
Lightweight Larry was a 9pt weighing in at 150#s dressed. He had a broadhead from an unfortunate hunter buried in his left shoulder blade. The injury …

Clark Killian's 8-Point Crossbow Buck 
Clark Killian arrowed this nice 8 point with crossbow on 11/7/21 in Erie County.

11 pointer shot on 11/7/21 in Delaware County

Niagara County 11-Point 
Matt Milleville arrowed this 11-PT in Niagara County Sunday afternoon on 11/7/21

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Andrew LaCongo 
9-point, crossbow, 130 3/8 inches, 175lbs, 11/6/21, Erie County

Public Land Buck 
Shot this 8 point on Conesus state land on 11/3/21 in Livingston Co.

Biggest Buck Yet 
Erick Cramer shot this 10-pt in Niagara County on 10/31/21.

First Archery Harvest  
6 point... 4 points on the left, 2 on the right... Chemung County on 10/31/21

Sent From Above 
A 7 year dry spell with a bow has ended. For 7 years I have lugged around a recurve to get the job done and finally made it happen. All traditional, all …

My trophy buck 
Michael Valenti, shot this slob in Chautauqua County on Oct 30, 2021.

Perfect 8 
Killed this perfect 8-pointer at 20 yards in Niagara county on October 22, 2021. My "Swhacker 100" never opened up and he still didn’t know what hit …

Nickname, Tines!!! 
On 10-21-21 early morning sit as it was getting light out I had a picture perfect morning. A nice wide 6 came in at 25 yards, but I decided to pass knowing …

My little brothers monster 
Dakota Donohue arrowed this 11-point slob on October 22, 2021 in Livingston County

9 Pointer Down! 
Michael Robert date of kill was 10/19/2021 in Schoharie County NY.

My First Deer 
12 year old, Madelina Pavlock with her first deer taken with bow in Niagara County on 10/17/21

Archery Freak 
Non-typical arrowed on October 10th in Niagara country with 17 scorable points, 226lbs dressed, 185 gross green score..

First Buck 
On October 9, 2021 hunting in Sullivan County Ryder Kratz shot his first buck an 8 pointer at 162 yds . He waited patiently for a clear shot.

Youth gun hunt  
15 year old, Jameson Zambito, shot this nice buck during youth season on 10/10/2021 in Livingston Co.

Youth Hunt 2021 
Patrick Allen, age 13, shot his first deer during youth hunt in Fulton County on 10/11/21. Spike, shot with a 30-06.

My 1st Deer 
Cordelia Thompson shot her 1st deer a 7pt buck on 10/10/2021 in Schuyler County

First Buck 
Brayden Rice, age 12, shot his first deer, an 8 point in Cayuga county during the youth hunt 10-11-21

Dylans' 1st deer ! 
Had a friend ask if she could bring her son for youth hunt of course I said yes.... In her words What an awesome day to be in the woods making memories …

Amos Twins Doubled Up 
My twins Kayden and Jayden Amos doubled up on a beautiful opening day, 10-9-21 of the 2021 youth deer season in Hopwell, NY... Ontario county.

Super wide 8 point  
8=point... 21 inch spread... first bow kill 10/1/21... Tioga County

Tall Niagara County 9-point 
October 16, 2020 Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County It was shortly after 8 am when the buck first appeared 180 yards to my right, stepping into …

Worth the Wait 
Harvested this buck on Dec 18, 2020 using my TC Encore. Gross score is 163 5/8. Had velvet pics from the summer as well as hard horn pic in November. The …

Mr. Big 
Shot this 8 pointer on 11/23/20 in Oneida County while he was chasing a doe and smaller 8 pointer. Weighed 225 pounds.

Once in a Lifetime  
A beautiful 17-point buck was harvested in Wayne County on December 19,2020 with a crossbow dressed 171 lbs.

Father & Son Double Up  
On the left Robert Kelly took this 7-point on the right Robert C Kelly took this 6 point. Both deer were taken on December 19, 2020 with the muzzleloader …

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My First Buck 
9-point palmated Buck. Killed opening day of rifle season on 11/21/2020 in East Durham, NY... Greene county.

Father and Son Hunt 
10 pointer weighing in at 180 pounds shot on 12/9/2020

River Bed Buck 
10-point buck with a 870 12 gauge Shotgun using Lightfield 2 3/4 in. It was a 96 yard shot in Rhinebeck, NY Dutchess county taken Dec. 11.2020

My 8-Point 
8-point buck weighing 160, shot with 7mm mag on 12/05/2020

Art's Buck 
9-Point Farmington, NY 11/27/2020

First Bow Harvest 
Jim Hahn Schoharie County, NY... First bow harvest 11/18/20

The Tall 8-Point 
I had never seen this buck on camera and I was fortunate enough to harvest him on December 9, 2020. I had passed up little bucks all year in hopes …

8 Point Buck  
Mark Eaton shot this 8 point buck in Steuben county on 11/28/2020.

First Kill 
6-point, 133 lbs. dressed 12/5/2020

My First Big Buck. 
Frank Garone shot this 9-point on 12/02/20 on state land in Guilford, NY. (Chenango County) 17 inch inside spread. My very first big buck.

Herbs 2020 ADK Buck! 
ADK Buck shot Dec. 1, 2020

Old Warrior  
First Thanksgiving buck 11/26/2020 200 lbs. 10 point Zone 9T Cattaraugus County

Nate Hess 1st Deer 
Nate Hess, 8-point, 150lbs., Dec. 4, 2020

My 9-Point  
Wayne County, 9-point taken with a TC 243 cal. on Dec 4, 2020 8:15 am

White Springs Whitetail 
11 point arrowed with crossbow on November 17, 2020 in Geneva, NY Ontario county

10-point Chemung County 
Stephen Conroy got this amazing 10-point on 11/29/2020 in Chemung county

30 Year Wait 
12-point taken with 30-06 on 11-14-2020, passed up a spike over 30 years ago and have seen other hunters take bucks, but not me... until now. He is a big …

Drop Tine Buck  
9-point (main beam tip broken) drop tine 11/14/2020

Adirondack Buck 
10 Points 165lbs Taken 11/29/20 Ha-De-Ron-Dah Wilderness.

8 Point Buck  
8 point buck shot on 11/28/2020 in Barre, NY... Orleans County

Thanksgiving Buck 
8 point shot on 11/26/20 in Steuben County

Waterloo NY 9-Point 
This 9-point buck was taken in Waterloo on thanksgiving morning 11/26/20. It green scored 156

My First Buck 
This was my first NY buck ever its a decent 8pt and my first NY deer ever is a doe is laying in front of my buck and I shot her an hour before my buck …

Wide 7-Point  
wide 7 point taken on 11/26/20

2nd Chance 
I missed this buck at 20 yards and hit a tree during bow season. 11/26/20 I caught him sneaking through. Happy thanksgiving buck

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My First Slammer 
Zach Wood, age 19, shot this nice 8-point buck on 11-22-2020 in Albany County.

Two for One Sunday 
Four pointer and a button buck, shot in the morning, 11/22/2020. Saratoga county, town of Halfmoon.

2020 Buck 
Robert Stanton shot on 11/24//20 at 7:40 am with a win 270. Weight dressed 172 lbs. shot in Madison County

First Buck!  
Alyssa Couture 11/24/2020 first deer first buck 8 point taken in Jefferson county

My First Buck 
My first buck shot with a Shot gun in Albany County on 11/22/20

My Adirondack Buck 
9 pointer got him on 11/10/20 in Hamilton County

My Opening Day Buck 
My 8 point buck. Taken with a .308 rifle on 11/21/2020 in Schuyler County

Rick Czelusta Shot this 8 point on 11/21/2020 in Niagara County

Opening Day Buck 
Ed Krawiecki shot this 13 point buck on 11/21/20 in Saratoga county.

My Opening Day Buck 2020 
7 point buck. 11/21/20

Winchester’s Buck 
14points killed with rifle on 11/22/2020 in Otsego County by Shane W Winchester

My First BIG Buck! 
Zach Wood shot this 8 pointer on 11/22/2020 in Albany County.

Big 8 point  
Angel Rosario took this buck in Livingston county on 11/21/2020.

8 point 
8 point buck with crossbow in Tompkins County on 11-7-2020

First Deer Ever 
Emily Knowlden 11 Points Chemung County, NY November 21, 2020 First season out there and very first buck!

The Tree Trunk... 
Archery, 17 official points, green score of 194 and 7/8 taken on 11/12/2020 in Livingston County

My First Buck 
I arrowed my first ever buck on 11/08/20 in Little Falls, Herkimer County. 7 pointer with split browtine on one side.

My First Buck 
8 point buck St. Lawrence County on 11/19/20

Friday the 13th 
Steve Schoonover arrows this 8-point in Steuben County 11/13/20

Wide 8 point buck 
8-point with 22 inch spread. Taken with a crossbow on 11/13/2020 while still hunting. He was checking does as they walked by him and I slowly moved closer …

Steuben County Buck  
Big buck got on 11/17/2020 with a cross bow!

Friday the 13 
Steve Schoonover arrowed this 8-point in Steuben County 11/13/20

Drop Tine 
Saratoga County 11/14/2020 9-point with drop tine

My Adirondack Buck 
9 pointer got him on 11/10/20 in Hamilton county

7-Point Buck 
7-Point buck shot on November 14, 2020

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First Buck 
First ever buck, first year hunting. Nicholas Vespa, 3 point, taken in Erie county 11/1/2020.

Genesee County Buck 
First buck during bow season 8-point taken with a crossbow on 11/11/20

Big 8-Point 
Robert Sawicki Jr. arrowed this big 8 pt. on 11/06/20 in Cattaraugus County.

My Adirondack Buck 
9-pointer got him at 7am on 11/10/20

Wyoming County Veterans Day Buck 
Arrowed this Wyoming county buck on 11-11-2020

Veterans Day Buck 
11/11/20. Scored 124. Weight 195. Chautauqua County. Brad Bixby 7-point.

My First Buck Ever  
9 point, 218 lbs. dressed taken on 11/7/2020

My First Deer  
10-point shot on 10/31/2020

8 Point Buck  
8 point deer Tuesday 11/3/2020

165 lbs. 9-point with 17.5 inch spread, taken 10/24/20

Halloween Morning 
Spencer Brisbane arrowed this buck in Livingston County, Town of Livonia, NY on 10/31/20

First Bow Buck 
First Bow Buck. 7 point taken on 11/1/20

Biggest Buck to date 
Justin Leidolph 8 point buck in Allegheny County on 10/31/2020 with a Martin Monster Buck Hunter bow

First Bow Buck Down 
Arrowed first ever deer with bow on October 27, 2020 in Wyoming County... 8 point buck

The Great 8 
arrowed this 8 point at 25 yards on 10/30/20 in Greene County right after the first snow of the year... he didnt make it 25 yards

First Deer with a Bow!! 
Hunter Boynton 13 year old got his first buck with his bow on October 27, 2020 in Tompkins county.

Orleans County Buck  
Matt Oberther arrowed this 8-point in Orleans County on 10/24/20

10-point Cattaraugus County. 
Nick Jackson Arrowed this big 10 point on October 24, 2020, in Cattaraugus County, NY.

Orleans County Buck  
Harvested in Orleans County... Town of Barre, NY at 4:50 pm on 10/24/20

11pt buck my 25th hunting anniversary deer taken 10/16/20 in Orleans County

The Big One 
9-point taken during the youth hunt on 10/11/20, 168 pounds, shot with 30-30 at 25 yards in Cayuga County

First Buck - Ten Point  
Sean Sasso Jr, age 15, of Ulster County, shot his first buck opening day of youth rifle season in section 3J. The deer is a 10 point buck.

13 point, 165lbs dressed, shot 10/9/20

My Biggest Buck to Date 
Mathilda Bennett arrowed this nice 9-point on 10/6/20 in Steuben County

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First Bow Deer 
I killed this buck on October 1st 2020 in Jefferson Co.

First bear  
Killed opening day of bow season at 10 yards with a bow

Afternoon Shocker 
9-point, 24 inch spread, 11/16/2019, 1:30 pm. 40 year wait for a wall hanger.

Big 9-point Open Day  
Taken Nov 16, 2019 Chenango county New York shot this 9 point( was a 10 but broke one of guard tines off.)Got him on opening day of shot gun. Never …

Deer on a Cobra 
A good friend, Bob Judd, built this sports car from the ground up, drove it all the way from Chapel Hill NC to Keuka Lake, NY for opening day of the New …

State Land 9-point 
I shot this 9 point with a nice sticker on 11/23/19 in Schuyler County

Opening Morning Buck 
Livingston County buck taken on 11/16/2019 green score 158

2019 Muzzleloader  
8-point harvested 12/15/19 in Allegany County NY during late muzzleloader season

Mother and Son Finish the Season Right 
Annette Wagner (mom) got a 6-point on Dec. 7, 2019 and Dillon Wagner (son) got a 7-point Dec. 8, 2019 Both taken last the weekend of shot gun in Niagara …

Best buck to date  
9-point shot at 72 yards taken on 11/16/2019 Cayuga County

10 point , scored 137 6/8 ulster county harvest date 11-5-19

Owen’s First Deer 
Owen Warchol, 17, took his first deer, a nice 6 point on 11/17/19 in Heuvelton, NY in St. Lawrence county.

Thanksgiving Buck 
Josh Allen 11 points 205 lbs Niagara County Harvested on 11/28/19 at 7:15AM with a 12 Ga. shotgun

The King of the Woods  
11 pt in Wayne county 11/23/19

Wide Buck 
18.5" spread on this 8pt taken in steuben county on 11-27-19

Opening Day Success 
David Scott shot this big 8-pointer on 11/16/2019 in Genessee county.

Father Son Day! 
Dad, Ralph Mitstifer , 11 point, Son Daryke Mitstifer , 14 point , both Chemung County 12/1/19 Daryke home from lineman’s school for thanksgiving, …

It’s Been A While  
9 point. First deer in over a decade! Joe McCarthy, St. Lawrence County, 12/01/2019

Last Minute Buck 
Shot in Ontario county, 9 pt, shot 11/30/19

Orange County Superwide 
Jeremy McPhillips shot him in Orange County 11/16/2019 walking to my stand at 1:15 pm. I watched him for a half an hour before I could get a clean …

Thanksgiving Day 7-Pointer 
Daryl O’Connor shot his biggest buck ever thanksgiving morning 11/28/2019 in Otsego county 4F with his sons along side.

My Stud 
11-point I got on 11/23/2019 in Wayne county green score typical 152 5/8

Tall Tine 8 
I shot this 8-point on November 24th at 240 yards with a Tikka 6.5 creedmoor. He's my second and biggest buck and weighs a lot more than me!

8 Point Buck  
I shot this nice 8-pointer opening day morning 11/16/19 in Kingston, NY... Ulster County .

Mid Day Rut Buck 
Dereck Hardenburgh 11/17/2018 shot around 3pm chasing a doe 8 points with 21-1/2 inside spread Cayuga count Cato Ny 7 F First time hunting with my …

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Opening Day Buck 
Dereck Hardenburgh killed in cato in Cayuga county 7F 11/16/2019. Buck was shot with a Remington 870. 9 scoreable points 19-1/2 inside spread Buck …

My Tall Brow Tine Buck 
My amazing 8 point with a very long brow tines and almost perfect rack! I shot him with my rifle on Saturday November 23, 2019!

Emily J. Zehr shot this 160lb 11, point buck on November 12, 2019 in Lewis County, NY

9-Point Ridge Climber  
9 point buck killed on 11/17/19.


Second Chance 10 
10 point 23” spread 157 6/8 green score aged at 5.5 years old. taken At 100 yards opening morning (11/16/19) of regular season with a Remington 1100 shotgun. …

First Rifle Buck 
I was sitting for about 45 min and he came in straight at me. I tried to get my gun up before he turned into some thick coverage but couldn’t. He walked …

My 5 point buck 
Matthew Vroman 16 years old shot this 5 point buck in Charlotteville NY in Schoharie County on 11/23/19

Pat’s Bow Hunting Buck 
11-point buck on 11/9/19 with a crossbow in Livingston County

My 8-Point Buck 
Got this guy in Canaseraga, New York on 11/22/19

Owen’s First Buck 
Owen Warchol, 17, took his first deer, a nice 6 point. The deer was taken in Heuvelton, NY, St. Lawrence County, on Sunday November 17, 2019.

Bristol Hills Buck 
Taken in Ontario County on 11-17-19 with 870 20 Gauge. 10 pt Buck

Sheppard Rd. Buck 
Jeff Stevens shot this nice 10 point Buck, 11/17/19 @ 7:40 am, with my trusty 30-06, in Sparta NY, Livingston County. It was a brisk, calm morning. My …

My Buck 
8-point buck shot with a .308 on 11\16\2019 in Steuben County

Doubled Up Opening Day 
Eric Baker(left) took an 8-point and Marc Baker(right) took a 9-point opening day of southern zone firearms season(11/16/19). The deer were shot in Tioga …

My First Buck 
After 7 years of hunting I was given the opportunity to take my first buck, a 9 point that field dressed at 167 pounds. He was taken on 11/18/2019 with …

First Buck in 5 Years 
I had the privilege of bagging a nice, wide 8 pointer I’ve been following on our trail cams since archery season started. Was awesome to come face to face …

Target Buck Down 
The buck rolled passed my tree stand around 6:15am on November 16, 2019.....opulent good grunts around 6:40am and he made a second appearance at 6:55am …

First buck 
Its a 9 point with a 20 inch spread. Shot on 11/16/2019 in Tompkins county

Jeromy Parker's first big buck 
8 point, Wayne county NY (8F), shot with his 20g 870 Express on Nov. 17, 2019

My First Big Buck 
Nicholas Correale, shot my first big buck, a 10-pt buck in Chenango County, Sherburn, NY on opening day 11/16/19

6 pointer 
Mindy Carbonaro shot this 6-pointer in Onondaga county on 11/17/19.

Big Buck Down ,  
11_point 19 1/2" spread 7 inch tines. Would have been a 12, but broken brow tine. Shot opening day 11/16/2019

Nice 10-point 
This is the second 10-point I’ve taken on our property in Corning NY, Steuben County. Last year I got one on the last day of the season. This year …

My 9 Point 
9 point, 180 lbs, shot with 7mm rem mag opening day 11/16/2019

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My 9 Point 
9-point, 180 lbs, shot with 7mm Rem mag opening day 11/16/2019

8 pt taken on 11/03/2019 crossbow 195 lbs dressed out.. ROSCOE NEW YOK

My First Archery Buck  
My first deer with a bow, 11/13/2019 Joshua Smith 26, shot in Ransomville NY, Niagara County, 12 yard shot. 10 point, 149.5 green score

2019 Archery Buck 
Took this nice buck on November 3rd at 8:45 am. Seneca County NY

Steuben County Buck  
9-Pointer on 11/9/19

Steuben County 9-point 
Andy Frisbie arrowed this 9 point on 11/07/2019 in the town of Campbell in Steuben County with his Parker XBow.

My Prize Buck 
Hudson Williamson of Trumansburg NY shot this buck the morning of October 24, 2019 at Taughannock Falls State Park with his bow. This is only the second …

Mr. 8 
Shot this 8-point buck 8 miniutes after bringing the woods down with my Black Rack rattling antlers! On the morning of November 8, 2019 in Ontario county …

My Overweight Buck  
8 point weighed in at 198 lbs 20 inch spread taken with crossbow on 11/03/2019 in Roscoe, NY... Sullivan County

Putnam County Xbow Buck 
Using an Excalibur crossbow, I shot my best New York buck in Putnam County (3N) on Saturday 11/2/2019. The buck is an 8 pointer that weighed 151 pounds …

Livingston County Buck 
Chris Frasier Took this big 8 point in Livingston county On November 3 2019

Madison County Public Land Archery Buck 
165 pound, 8 point, 19 inch inside spread, taken on state land in Madison County with bow on 11-4-2019

2019 Buck 
Harvested on 11/3/2019 with my Bear bow. 8-point in Cattaraugus county

The New Ten 
The new buck was shot by Lou Cioci in Broome County. The New Ten was taken on 10/28/2019 in a clover plot at 25 yards with a Mathews Helium bow. He’s …

Captain Hook  
I have been hunting this buck for 3 years. He is a 22 1/8 inch wide 8 point that dressed out weighs 188lbs. 11/3/2019

My First Buck  
My name is Kristi Wilson this is my first Buck. 8-point buck arrowed at 20 Yards. 180 lbs. Arrowed on 11/3/2019 in Hartford, NY... (Washington County) …

Vonderchek 2019 
Main frame 8 point with a few small kickers. 11 points total. Taken with a bow in Seneca county 11/3/18 at 8:45am.

Tioga County Buck 
Arrowed this 10 point on November 2, 2019 in Tioga County NY. Rough score 125. 170 dress weight.

"My First Deer " 
I shot this 8-point buck during youth rifle season on October 13, 2019. It weighed 165 lbs. I shot it with a Ruger American Predator 6.5 creedmoor with …

Big Eight 
I arrowed this eight point on October 29 2019 in Niagara County NY. It dressed out at 170 Pounds and a quick scoring had it at 121.

Allegany County Buck 
Rick Reagan arrowed this 148 inch Allegany County 12-point on October 5, 2019

Second Chance Buck 
After shooting over this guy's back two nights prior, I was blessed with another opportunity on 10/26/19 at 8 am. He's a 7-point and was 175 lbs. dressed. …

Last Day of Shotgun Buck 
2009 at 17, I harvested the buck of a lifetime on refuge state land. Alabama, NY... Genesee county. The 11-pt non typical net scored 148...60 inches in …

Typical 12  
Perfect typical 12. 6 1/2 years old. 300lbs ++++. Green score 155 1/8. Archery kill 10/13/2019

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First Buck on New Land 
Nick Frankie, Livingston County, shot this 120 class buck on October 19, 2019. His biggest buck to date and first buck on his new land... 10-point with …

Last Day Youth Hunt Buck 
Charlie Farrell, 15,of Richmond,NY.. Ontario county shot this 190 pound,heavy beamed, 9-point on the last evening of the 2019 Youth Hunt with a .243

Youth Buck 
Faith Oberther, 14 years old, of Orleans County shot her first buck with her dad on 10/14/2019 on the family property.

Steuben County 11-point 
11 points. Over 200 lbs. Killed 10/11/19 in Steuben County with bow

Jax Schoenthals First Buck - 2019 Youth Hunt 
14 year old Jax Schoenthal's first buck, Saturday evening of the 2019 Youth hunt got this nice 8 point with 17" spread in the town of Holland, Erie county. …

Second chance  
Katelyn Wilkes, age 14, of Ontario County shot this 6-point on Oct. 13, 2019 Youth Hunt with her 6.5 Creedmoor. She missed the buck at 120 yards but he …

Plaque Leader buck 
Our son, Rylan Farley, 14 years old, took down this 9-point buck at 144 yards with a 7mm-08, his first deer in Youth Season, Chemung County.

My Big "8" 
8-point weight --very heavy score--yet to be done date 10-12-2019 I was in my stand a total of about 10 minutes when he came by. Some horses …

Double wide 
8-point 185lbs dressed.Arrowed in Victor NY. 10/4/19... 23.5 inch spread.

Cabin Buck 
8-point. My biggest to date. Taken behind my cabin in Steuben County on 10/05/2019.

Doubled Up! 
Thursday morning was my lucky day! Winds were Easterly and my stand was going to be perfect that morning. First light was about 7:10 when this big …

My Son Put Me in the Tree! 
A farm we got permission on, not used to seeing deer every time I hunt. 8-point came in just when my son Jared said it would from trail cam videos. …

10 Degree 10 Point 
10-point buck, Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. It was cold in the morning - 10 degrees - I still hunted after 2 hours on Saturday and he was sunning …

My Rain & Freezing Rain Lunch-time Buck 
9-point, 160 lbs, had this buck on trail cam from July till early October then vanished until November 24, 2018 at noon. Just had a gut feeling to take …

8 point 
On 11-05-19 I was hunting a stand I hadn’t had a good wind to hunt the whole season. I had trouble finding the stand due to the over growth. I found the …

Gun Buck 
This nice 10 point was taken on our farm opening day of gun season (11-17-18) in Fairville, NY... Wayne County.

Archery Buck 
This big main frame 8, I arrowed on our farm 11/12/18 in Wayne County.

Front Yard Buck 
I shot this beautiful 10 pt. on 12/6/18 in Steuben County with my Remington 7600 30.06. After hunting our 223 acres for two weeks, this big fella walked …

Personal Best 
9-pointer from Victory, NY in Cayuga County weighed in at 156 lbs Taken on November 21, 2018. 22" inside spread

Late Season Success  
8-point... Harvested 12/8/18 in Steuben County

My 9-Point 
This is my 9 point I shot on 12/09/2018, the last day of rifle season. I got it in Chenango County.

ADK Buck 
Herb and Harlan French with Harlan’s buck. 8-point shot in the Moose River Plains... Hamilton County on Nov.10,2018. Very heavy couldn’t weigh due to …

First Big Adirondack buck 
This season I got a few pics of this 8 pointer, knew he was in the area. 11/24/2018 he finally walked in front of me. 135 lbs 8 pointer with 18 3/16 inch …

38 Year Quest 

My Swamp Buck 
I John Emigh got this nice 12-pt buck off my brothers farm in Livingston County he dressed 175 lbs 11-30-18

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Second Chance Buck 
Randy Adams of Arkville, NY. Deer was havested on a chilly Nov. 24 morning at 8 am. Buck scored 137 220 lbs. Randy saw deer on November 19, 2018 …

Rebecca Souza’s First Deer 
Rebecca Souza shot this Four point buck with a rifle her first deer ever in the Town of Fairfield in Herkimer County NY on 11/29/18

20 Minute Hunt! 
Jeff Bell, Pittsford, NY shot this 11-point buck in Monroe County near his home on 11/24/18 with his crossbow during regular gun season.

Full Rut  
Got this 10 point just after sunrise on November 17, 2018 in Oswego County

My Thanksgiving Day 7 Pointer 
A nice 7 pointer buck, dressed out at 162 lbs taken on 11-22-2018.

Just Lucky!  
November 28th, 2018, decided to put in a couple of hours with the bow before work, this nice 8 point showed up at 6:45 on a hot doe. Walked right past …

After church buck 
Gary Askins with this Adirondack 9-point, 170 lb buck shot after church on November 18, 2018 at 2:18 pm. Thick briars hid this buck till he moved as I …

Thanksgiving Day Stud 
I shot this stud of an 11-point on 11/22/18 in wmu 8f . He dressed out at 205 was chasing a doe that I shot as well.

Warm Day Buck 
I shot this 8-point late in the day on 11/25/2018. It was about 45-50 degrees outside. He responded to a doe bleat and I took a shot at about 75 yards. …

My First Buck 
4-point shot on 11-11-17 in Montgomery County... 115lbs

My First Buck 
10-point, 149 pounds, 17.5 inch inside spread, killed on 11/24/2018 in Fulton County, NY

Otsego Buck  
My 8-point buck was shot on 11/22/18 in Otsego County dressed out at 180 pounds .

1st Buck 
Jennifer Gibbs, shot her first buck, 7-point in Berne, NY... Albany Co. on 11/22/18

First Buck 
Katelyn Wilkes, 14, of Phelps,NY... Ontario co. shot her first buck on 11/17/18. She shot it with her 6.5 Creedmoor at 130yds. It green scored 154" …

Father and Son Opening Day 2018 
Rich and Keith Ezell doubled on opening day 11/17/18 Monroe County

Father son double up  
Both bucks were 7 points, and we’re harvested minutes apart from each other. Delaware county, Hancock NY

Tom's Buck 
Thomas Cuttler shot this 7-pointer on 11/18/2018 in Orange County, New York

My Dad's Buck 
10-point shot on 11/18/18 in Wyoming Co.

Big Buck  
8-point shot in Niagara County opening weekend of gun season 2018

Father Son Double Up Opening Day  
Both bucks are 7 points and we’re harvested within minutes of each other

Zach's Buck 
Zachary Newfang, 7 point, Steuben County, 11/17/18

Josh's buck 
9-point taken in Groveland, NY on 11/17/2018

First Opening Day 
My son, Donovan Robson, age 14, on his very first 11-17-2018 shot this 9-point buck just 10 mimutes after sunrise hunting with his father in Steuben County. …

Grunted and bleated in this Wyoming County 8-point on 11-5-2018. Used my Stryker Crossbow to seal the deal.

Wayne County 10-point 
Rob Durham arrowed this nice 10-point in Butler, NY... Wayne County on 11/11/2018

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9 Point 
11/9/18 Chenango County with Crossbow.

8 point 
On 11-5-18 I was Grunting and Bleating and this great main frame 10 with 2 broke tines came right in. I took the shot with my Skryker Offspring Crossbow. …

Gully 8-point 
Grunted and Bleated in this great Wyoming county 8 point and shot with my Stryker Offspring crossbow in 2018

10 Point Buck 
Phillip Higbie, Steuben County, shot on 11/3/2018

Orleans County Buck 
Matt Oberther arrowed this Orleans County buck on Nov 2, 2018 in 8g

First Traditional Deer 
Saw this buck cross the field about 120 yards up wind and I grunted with my mouth a few times with no luck. Two minutes later a doe ran by my stand …

Shot this buck 11/4/18 with my bow at 18 yards 10 points

First Archery Deer 
4-point taken October 30, 2018 in Genesee County

We call this buck “go round” as his main beams almost complete a full circle. He is an 8-point, 3 year old, arrowed in Nunda, NY... Livingston County, …

Eight point arrowed on October 24th in Livingston county.

Bigfoot Buck 
This is a buck we have seen many pictures of and was named bigfoot for the reasonably large tracks he has left behind. Taken 10/18/2018 in the Town of …

My First 8-Point 
8 points, 205 pounds dressed. October 20,2018

First Buck 9 Point with Drop Tine! 
First buck on 10/7/2018 9 points with a drop tine. He was shot during the youth hunt weekend in Schoharie County.

Thomas O'Connor 
Thomas O'Connor took this nice 6 pointer on 10/8/2018 during the youth season in Otsego County.

My first deer, taken with my grandfather.  
MaKenna Grant harvested this Genesee County 8-point using her 20 gauge for the 25 yard shot. She was hunting a small field edge with her grandfather as …

8-point Archery Buck 
He gave me a 23 yard shot. I'd been watching him on trail cam for two weeks, made a nice shoulder shot on him with a Magnus Black Hornet 100 gr. broadhead …

Archery 7 point 
I took this 7-point with my Bowtech bow at 18 yards on Oct 6, 2018 in Oneida County. It dressed out at 150 pounds.

September 28, 2018 Bow Season 
8=point dressed out at 180 lbs. taken in Northern Oswego County

Opening Day Greene County 
7pointer shot opening day October 1, 2018 in the evening in Greene County. Rage in the cage at 30 yards!!

My Snowshoe Buck 
8-pt... 141 1/8 net... 24 inch inside spread. weighed 205 with head, cape and front feet removed. Shot tracking while wearing snowshoes the 3rd day of …

30 YEARS  
Took Larry Piccirilli 30 years to harvest a trophy. Larry harvested this beautiful 10-PT on opening day of 2017 gun season, in Cattaraugus County... Kill …

Rainy Day Buck 
8-point... 164 lbs. Rainy foggy day camped out in a elevated blind. Warm and dry with reading material made the day go by until this guy came searching …

A Nice 10-Point. 
Arrowed this nice big Ten point the morning of 10/28/17. Patience pays off!

Let Them Grow!! 
Six or seven year old 150-7/8"(net score) 8-point. Taken by Joe Murphy in Oneida County by Bow in October 2017... 225 dressed weight

My Halloween Monster 
12 point... 195 lbs... 4.5 years old... Shot on 10-31-2017 in Mayville, NY... Chautuaqua County

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Orleans County 9-Point 
Shot by Bob Denny, in Town of Barre, Orleans County, on Nov 24, 2017 with a .243 rifle, green score 168 2/8.

My Massive 8-Point 
222 pound dressed, 20 1/2 inside spread, shot November 25 2017 with a 30.30 in Ballston Lake, NY...Saratoga county

Island Buck 
Taken on 12/09/17 in Clinton County Peru. 8 pointer weighing in at 150lbs.

The Giroux buck  
Big mature 8 point taken on 10/26/17 with a PSE Vendetta compound bow by Matthew Giroux in Tompkins County. Dressed out at 203 lbs.

Brush Buck  
I’m 15 and have been hunting this 8 point buck for 2 years and this was the first chance I’ve had to shoot him and once he came out of the brush behind …

"My Largest Buck" 
I harvested my buck in the Town of Bradford, Steuben County on November 19, 2017. It has 10 points, an 18 inch inside spread, 23 inch main beams, 5 inch …

My Thanksgiving Day Buck 
Thankful for the opportunity to harvest this 8 point buck in Genesee County Thanksgiving Day 2017. Was able to share this memory with my dad who has …

Dream Come True 
3 year journey for a Wyoming County beauty. 12 scoreable points. 160" gross, 150" net. Killed on 11/7/17 in Warsaw, New York with a bow.

Windsor NY 8-Point 
November 25, 2017, 8-pt, Broome County... Windsor, NY

My first buck 
My first buck, a 6 point, taken with my .243, December 2nd 2017. Conesus, Livingston County

Shane's Big 9 
Shane Nordberg, 9 point on 11/24/2017 in Chenango county 20 inch spread

My Slipper X pt 
Thanksgiving 2017 first time out this year and half hour hunt with my Buckmaster 270 and The BIG can doe bleat that got me my first Ten point

Rack Smasher 
Shot this thick rack 9 point buck Nov. 18, 2017

Opening Day Buck 
John Updyke... 8-point taken on 11/18/2017 in Chemung County

Garrett's 1st Bow buck 
Garrett Lum, 15 years old, of Otsego county shot this 4-point. This is his first bow deer on November 4, 2017

My Ground Buck 
November 24, 2017 9-pointer 17" spread Livingston County

My Black Friday 8-Point 
A nice 8 pointer taken in Rensselaer county on 11/24/2017.

My thanksgiving day buck 
10 point taken thanksgiving morning 2017 in Cattaraugus County

9 Point 
9 point buck shot in Yates county by Adam Miller on 11/18/17.

Niagara County 8-Point 
On 11/11/17 I️ went out and a half hour after sunrise I️ had a little half rack milling around. 9:30 came around and I️ called in this buck to 10 yards. …

The Hard Long Chase  
The story began two summers ago. I had three big bucks coming to my "Killer Food Plots Deep Woods". I was actively hunting them come fall and was lucky …

My Sundown 10-Point 
Greg Spezzano, Livingston County, 10 point taken on 10/27/17, green score 141-7/8, 206lbs field dressed.

First Time Getting Buck Fever  
8 point I got on 11/18/17 around 7:30am

My First Buck 
This is my first Buck. It was a 10-point nice looking deer. Shot in Afton, NY... Chenango County by Devin Meek Age 15

8 Point 
8 Point, killed on 11/18/17 in Chenango County by Danielle Whittaker.

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Ulster County 8-Pointer 
188 pound, 21 inch spread, shot November 18 2017

10 Point Savage 
Mike Webster shot this mainframe 10 with a kicker on 11/18/2017 in Bristol NY. He was taken with a Savage 212 12 gauge.

Vonderchek Buck 2017 
I harvested this big heavy 8 point on November 8th 2017 with my PSE Vendetta in Seneca County NY. The deer field dressed well over 200lbs.

First 8-Point with Bow 
Rattled in late afternoon on 11/11/17 in Broome County

First Wall Hanger 
9-point 184 lbs Northern zone buck killed on 11/11/17 with a 300 mag at 40 yards away in Franklin Co.

Sunrise Buck  
On Friday November 10, 2017 we had our first snow fall and it was 22 degrees with a wind chill factor of 6 degrees. I was in my stand by 5:30 am. I ended …

Stalked Buck 
This 8 point, big bodied buck was taken at 20 yards after being stalked for almost an hour on 11/10/2017 in Cayuga County

My Goldenrod Buck 
13 point shot from the ground in goldenrod in Steuben County on Nov. 9, 2017

My First Harvest! 
Shot this 8-point with a crossbow while hunting with my dad in Canandaigua on 11/8. I’ve been bow hunting for 3 years and this is my first harvest ever …

Chocolate Rack 
My name is Cory Marshall. Shot this beautiful chocolate racked, ivory tipped, 9-point opening day Oct 1,2017 with my Hoyt Carbon Spider in Villenova NY, …

My first buck taken on 10/31/2017 195 pounds 9 points taken in Franklin Co. NY

Public Land Buck 
Shot this buck October 13, just before 6pm. Knowing there were a handful of nice mature bucks in the area, I tried an aggressive Rattling sequence with …

Afternoon 8-Point  
8-point buck shot in Clareden, NY Orleans county on October 21,2017 with my bow on an evening hunt after work . Matthew Cassidy

First Ever Buck 
Jordan Sawyer shot his first buck ever on October 21, 2017 in St Lawrence county

Madison County 8-Point 
Grunted in this 8 pointer the morning of October 8, 2017 in Madison county. My best buck to date.

Monster 8 
I took this amazing 8-point on October 14, 2017 at 7:28 in Clarkson, NY... Monroe county.

Thought It Was a Doe 
130 pound 7-pointer shot Friday, October 27, 2017 during afternoon hunt.

Back Yard Buck  
9 point arrowed on 10/27/17

My Big Body 8-Point 
Big body 8 point shot October 21, in Orleans county

Big 6 
Shot my first buck with the bow Oct 4, 2017. A six point he was 35 yards away, hit him perfect ran maybe 60 yards. He weighed about 180 pounds live weight. …

Chautauqua County Buck 
Michael Joy arrowed this 8 pt on 10/17/17 in Chautauqua County, weighed 160 lbs dressed.

Biggest Bow Buck 
Nice Ontario County buck on October 18, 2017. He was taken at 38 yards with an Elite Impulse 31. He is a mainframe 10-point with split brow tines.

Hit Near Byrne Dairy in Horseheads, NY 
Got this deer on 10-13-2017 hit over night in Horseheads, NY near the Byrne Dairy in Horseheads, NY off Rte 13

2017 Ten Pointer 
Ulster county 10 pointer 155 lbs dressed

First Food Plot Buck 
I've been watching this deer on camera since June, along with two others this season as I planted my first ever hidey-hole food plot. I had no daytime …

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My Opening Day 11-point 
Shot this nice Otsego Co. 11-pointer on opening day of southern zone gun season.

Opening Day Bruiser 
Nice 11-point buck was taken just after sunrise on the opening day of the regular gun season - Nov 19, 2016 in Otsego County.

My Monster 10-Point 
Shot this monster 10-point the third day of the season 2016 in Ulster County as he was chasing a doe. Dressed out around 200 pounds with roughly 20 inch …

2016 Delaware County Buck 
7-Point harvested in Meredith, NY on 11-27-2016 with Remington 700 SPS .243 at 4:15PM

Classic Eight Point 
Mark H. Ryan shot this classic 8-point in Ellicottville, NY... Cattaraugus County on state land with his Marlin 30-30 on Nov. 21, 2016.

The "Seven Year Wait" Buck 
7-Pointer taken in St. Lawrence County on December 6, 2016 during the late bow season. This was my first buck taken in New York State since moving here …

Big 8 
I shot this 138 3/8" 8-point buck right after first light on opening day, November 19, 2016 in Cohocton,NY... Steuben County. He was tending a doe and …

Throat Patch Buck 
9 points 172 lbs. dressed 149" Arrowed November 2nd, 2016 I accidentally shot this buck in the throat patch, but it all worked out.

Mr. Crabbs 
I shot this 9 point on opening day of gun season, November 19, 2016 in Candor, NY... Tioga County. He was on several trail cams around the surrounding …

The Flying Nun Buck 
Joe Brancato shot this beautiful 8-point while hunting on the last day of the muzzleloading season 12-20-2016 from a tower we call the Flying Nun. Elevated …

Spilt G2 9 point 
9-point shot on Thanksgiving Day 2016 in Schoharie County

First Buck Ever 
This is my first buck ever on my 10 acres behind my house in Ontario ny, Wayne County. Shot with my muzzle loader also my first with a muzzle loader on …

Adirondack Monarch 
This buck was tracked in a snowstorm on 11/20/16. 201# dressed weight, 9 points. Taken in Herkimer County.

My 14 Point 
Mark Hotaling 14 Point Madison County New Woodstock NY Taken November 23 2016 198 lbs 177 Total green score

My 2016 Nine Point 
9-point heavy rack buck taken by Chris Lasky with a 7mm Rem. Mag in Mcdonough, NY... Chenango County on December 9, 2016. Weighed on scales at local bar …

Decent 7-Point 
Shot on November 21, 2016 using Savage Edge .243 at about 90 yards. 7-points, natural 8 but one piece broken off on the right side.

Wide Eight 
Greg Boetcher shot this buck on 11/20/2016 in Orleans County... 23 3/8" spread... Green score 138-3/8"

Mark Sipes shot this nice 12-point that dressed out at 166 lbs. Its my first crossbow buck taken on November 10, 2016. Shot on my grandsons first birthday. …

It's Not Over Till It's Over 
10-point 160lbs taken in Washington County by Tiffany Bezio on the last day of late muzzleloading season 12/13/15

Tompkins County Monster Buck 
Craig Pyhtila harvested this 23 point buck on December 3,2016 in the Town of Enfield.

Trisha Davenport's Buck 
8-pointer shot on Dec 3, 2016 in Steuben County

ADK Buck 
10-point shot in Essex County on 11-27-16

8 point 
Shot this nice 8 point with my Remington 870 12 Gauge on 12/2/16

Hunt together Stay together !! 
On the left is my deer, my name is Alexis Hall, Chautauqua County, I took this deer October 13, 2016, it came in chasing a doe on a cold morning with …

Eight Point Thompson Buck 2016 
Was a big eight point deer, shot late in the day o November 22, 2016 after the big snow the day before. I tracked him and kicked him up so I backed off …

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First Buck  
6 point , 148.5 lb, 11/19/16

Trail Cam Buck  
9 point, 148 lb, scored 127", 11/19/16, 30-06 165 gr ballistic tip Hornady

Thanksgiving Morning Buck!!!  
Thanksgiving Morning 11/24/2016 930am. He Had double Brow tines, but broke one off each side. Nice mass to his rack. Great way to cap off the Hunting season …

My Wide Eight  
8-point buck taken in Andover, NY... Allegany County on November 19, 2016 with 25 inch spread Remington .270 weight:190

My Briar Bush Buck 
9-point buck shot on 11/20/2016 in Ulster County, NY with my 7MM.

Double Droptine Buck 
Harvested the buck on November 24,2016 in the Town of Elbridge in Onondaga county. Buck has 13 points, 2 droptines, and an inside spread of 18 inches. …

First 8-Point 
Got my first 8 point after five seven points throughout the last six years!! Also the first buck I got to share with my 6 month old boy! Got him with my …

My Thanksgiving Buck 
I got this 10 point buck with my bow on Thanksgiving morning Nov. 24, 2016. I got it in Monroe County.

Opening Day  
Larry Smith shot this 8-point in Arcadia, NY... Wayne County on 11-19-16. 17 1/2" spread

Big Body 8-Point 
A very big body. 230 lbs. Following a herd of Does. The shot was made with iron sights, 100 yds., from a 1932 Mosin Nagant 91/30. Tim Reilly thanks his …

My First 8-Pointer 
8 point deer taken November 10th, 2016 with a bow/rage broadhead. Buck weighted in at 162 lbs dressed.

My Ghost Buck 
My name is Mariah LeVeille and I'm 18 years old. I shot my 11-point with my 7mm-08 at 260 yards. It scored 130 and weighed 170 pounds. I killed it in Otsego …

Big Boy 
8-point taken in Genesee County opening morning Nov. 19,2016 with rifle. Dressed at 188lbs. Will score later when dry.

My Ridge Buck 
I crossed this buck while still hunting the snow on November 23 2016. I tracked the buck into some very thick brush and had to slowly creep up on him to …

Opening Day 
8 point, shot on 11/19/2016

12 point shot by Zach Jacot on 11/20/16

Natural Buck  
8 point buck, killed 11/19/2016

First Snow Fall 2016 Buck 
This big guy was taken on November 20th, 2016 in Chemung County, NY on the Chemung/Tioga County line right outside of Waverly, NY. We got our first few …

Successful Day  
Beautiful 11-pointer hunting with my dad on Saturday 11/14/2016 in Cattaraugus County.

The Pitchfork Buck 
8-point taken with my Prime bow. On Nov. 1, 2016 in York, NY... Livingston county.

Cornfield Buck 
Massive 13 point taken on 11/19/16 in Erie County, Newstead New York by Clark Killian.

8 point from 17 yards. 11/2/16

My opening morning buck 
Travis MacDonald harvested this 10 point buck in southern Columbia County, town of Ancram on 11-19-2016.

Opening Morning Success for Family. 
From left to right Sierra Keesler 8 point Sean Vroman 8 point (first deer and first buck) Joel Keesler 7 point Dan Keesler 8 point. Town of Hancock,NY …

Killing Tree Buck 
22 1/2" spread 8-point hunting out of the same tree for 20 years first one like this Nov. 19, 2016

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My Best Archery Buck to Date 
8-point with 12 1/2 inch G2's and 10 inch brow tine on the right and 7 inch on the left. 15" inside spread .

Ridge Buck 
I arrowed this 8 point on the evening of November 10, 2016 in Chemung County, NY... in the Town of Van Etten with my Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34. Buck green …

My First Buck with the Bow 
Not sure on score or weight but this 9-pointer was taken on Nov. 13, 2016 in Derby (Erie County), NY. He came right under my stand with 3 other bucks chasing …

First Buck for the Wall 
I shot this 8 pointer in Mendon, NY- Monroe County on 11/12/2016 at 3:30pm with my PSE. He walked out to my left from the wood line at 8 yards. He was …

Ulster Bow Buck 
Braigan Barley arrowed this Ulster County buck on 10-8-2016

First Buck 
Ryan Morse shot his first buck with a bow in Wayne County on November 13, 2016. He was an 8 point fighter.

Niagara County Bruiser! 
I took this 11 pt. Niagara county giant on Nov.9th 2016 at 49 yards as he was chasing a doe. He weighed a heafty #220lbs.

My First Buck 
Arrowed this nice 9-pointer at 35 yards on Nov. 9, 2016 first thing in morning. 177 pounds... first buck!

My Swamp Buck 
Arrowed this 9-point swamp buck on 11/5/2016 in Cattaraugus County at 5 yards didn't go 80

Vonderchek Buck 2016 
9-point buck taken November 4, 2016 with bow in Seneca County NY.

My Birthday Buck 
Gorgeous 8-point shot 11-10-2016 on my 25th birthday. Shot at 6 yards.

The Good Buck 
This buck was consistently coming out at midnight according to our trail cam pics. On November 3, 2016 he came out about 6 hours early and I was at the …

Father Son Double  
Chad & Jacob Skudlarek doubled within minutes of each other Saturday morning Nov. 5, 2016 about 2 miles apart on Pine Hill in Randolph, NY

Election Day 2016 Buck 
Nick Solometo of Horseheads, NY arrowed this nice Buck in Chemung County election day morning November 8, 2016 with his Mathews Bow. Buck was a 7-point …

Halloween Buck 
Dan Trembath arrowed this 11-point on Oct. 31, 2016 in Erie County

Rattle and Grunt Buck  
8-point Steuben County Oct. 28, 2016.

2nd Pope and Young 
Taking my dads advice about which stand to sit on the morning of Oct 7, 2016 landed me my 2nd pope and youngbuck. Hunter-Michael Salerno Location- …

Ethical Kill 
Michael Clarke IV took his first buck with a bow on 10-23-2016 in Tappan, NY... Rockland County. Michael noticed that this 5 pt buck was bleeding at the …

My 10 point 
10-point buck shot in Marilla NY... Erie County on 10/24/2016. Arrow went through the shoulder and broke off in its heart.

Austin Schmidt shot this tall 11-point with his new Hoyt Nitrum at 15 yards in Livingston County on Oct 23, 2016. The buck weighed 210 lbs. dressed out. …

2016 Bucks 
I saw this buck last year on October 15, 2015. But, never saw him again. Last week I saw him wake up from his bed of 12 feet tall thickets and walk diagonally …

Angry Brows 
13 Point buck killed by Dan Kessler in Springville, NY... Erie County. He Weighed 235 lbs. on the hoof and 205 lbs. dressed, we scored him non-typically …

The Pavilion Buck 
Shot running after a doe out of my hut. Would have been 12 points except for the three double tines to make him a 15 point. Shot on 11/21/15 at 10am. Scored …

My Swamp Buck 
8 point, Orleans county, shotgun ,with my father in-law Ed Litten was a great experience.

Personal Best.  
I shot this Buck on 11-20-2015 in St. Lawrence County. I sat in the stand for 6 hours and in the last bit of shooting light he came stomping in head down …

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Creedmoor Buck 
This buck is a 9-point and was shot on 11.21.15 at 7:43 am with my 6.5 Creedmoor. Location Livingston County... Caledonia, NY

Unicorn Buck 
11 pointer ( 1 in center coming out of scull ) shot in Alma NY, Allegany County 11/22/15

2015 Submissions 
10 point taken in Pike, NY on Nov 8, 2015 with my Hoyt Spyder 30 at 25 yards. Buck has a sticker on the inside of his right main beam.

My Browtine Buck  
11/7/15 in the town of Avoca Steuben County harvested by Bryan VanderMallie with my Mathews z7

My Biggest Buck 
Mark Good arrowed this 10-point at 15 yards from his swamp stand in Chautauqua County on 10/23/15 The buck weighed in at 240 lbs and green scores 141 …

9-point, 175 lbs. I shot it on 10/22/2015 with my muzzleloader around 4:30 pm in Saratoga County. I was walking in on drive seen him laying down in his …

Same Day Buck 2015 
November 2, for two consecutive years on this date I have had the opportunity to take two nice bucks. I harvested this buck on the same day as I shot …

Creek Bottom Buck  
This buck is missing a side. Must be a fighter, he was a nice 8 point with a wide rack and a lot of mass. I wish I weighed him because the drag near killed …

Hill Top Farm  
Barton Brooks arrowed this 10-point buck on 10/13/2015 at 15 yards on his family farm in Ulster County

My Adirondack Buck 
8-pointer, 149 lbs. Shot early muzzleloader in Essex County at 12:30 pm in Schroon Lake on State land by Joe Sumner of West Pawlet, VT

First Archery Buck 
First season ever archery hunting, and this handsome devil walks right into my shooting lane. My heart was pounding, and at full draw I couldn't help but …

First Buck with Bow 
Brock Allen. Deer taken in allegheny county at 4:50 p.m. First buck with a bow. 38 yard shot from tree stand

Southern Zone 8-Point 
10/2/15 Bow Columbia County (4z) 8 pointer 33 yards from a tree stand 139lbs Rain in the forecast... lots of rain... At 5 pm I made a fawn in …

2014 Opening Day 8-pt 
Taken November 15, 2014 8:03 am. in Hancock, NY... Delaware County

My First Rifle Deer 
This is a 4-point buck killed in the 2014 youth season. Thanks to the New York Youth Season my son, Hunter, was able to get his first deer with a rifle. …


Opening Morning Archery Buck 
Arrowed opening morning of archery 10/1/2014 15 mins into the hunt at 7 yards

Fruit Loop Deer  
My daughter, Jessica Cannon, shot her first deer November 15, 2014 opening day in Otsego County with a mouth full of fruit loops!!

My Long Island NY Buck 
10 point, 250 pounds, It was a great day I was hunting with my dad and brother. October, 2 2014 around 4 pm the deer came in to about 20 yards.

My First Crossbow Kill 
Shot this 7-point about 4:20 pm Sunday Nov.9th 2014, estimated three and a half years old. He weighed about 185lbs. Inside spread was 19 1/2 inches.

My Non-Typical buck 
Non typical 15 point buck with muzzleloader Tuesday December 9, 2014. Live weight 200 pounds, got 66.4 pounds of butchered vacuum sealed boneless delicious …

My Muzzleloader Big Buck 
Second day into muzzleloading season 2014, I did harvest this most beautiful and impressive 15 pointer buck. He was tall and slender, life weight 175 pounds …

Opening Day Buck !  
This buck was following a doe. The doe came out of some thick cover . I noticed she kept looking back. Not having a doe permit I got ready. About 20 seconds …

The Orchard Buck 
Shot this buck on October 1, 2013 in Washington County. The buck Green scored 127-5/8 and weighed 174 pounds. My best bow buck to date.

Shot this nice 8-pointer we named "lefty" on the afternoon of December 13, 2014 from 135 yards with my muzzleloader at my fathers place in Prattsburg, …

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My Biggest Buck  
Had this 9 point on trail cams early bow season only once at night an was by far bigger then any buck I've shot on my property in upstate ny. On Nov …

2014 NY Whitetails 
My name is Alexis glezen I shot my first buck on 11/27/14 hunting with my family in Broome county. I've been hunting for 3 yrs and it finally happened. …

Opening Morning Buck..... 
Beautiful 8-point Dutchess County buck taken opening morning 11-15-2014. Coming to a scrape at 9am. Just love hunting in the snow.

Wayne Cotten Buck 
Main frame 10-point with two stickers up front. Scored 155 5/8" and weight estimated 210 pounds. Taken first day of archery season 2012 in Otesgo county …

Nice 8-Point 
I saw this buck come out of a swamp off the field I was hunting. He followed two does into the field. They were about 100 yards away. They started to walk …

2012 NY Archery Buck 
Shot in Cayuga County 11/2012 with bow 8 pt.

My First Big Buck 
Eight point with a 16 1/2 inch spread and 13 1/2 inches tall. Killed with a Remington model 700 ml on the last day of muzzleloader season in the middle …

Big Delaware county buck 
Last day magic, big Delaware County 9-point harvested by Joe Fromckowiak.

Just A Nice 8 
This nice 8 pt. was taken in Wayne County on 12-12-2011 at 3:40pm feeding in a cut bean field on my managed lease. He was only 3 1/2 yrs. and officially …

Early Archery 10 
This nearly perfect ten was taken with a Mathews Helium, gold tip arrow and a G-5 Montec on 10-12-2012. His official score is 134 and aged 4 1/2 yrs. …

My Big 8 
This Wayne co. buck was taken with a muzzleloader on opening day 2009. He has 12in G2s and officially scored 138. This is the deer that started my passion …

Floppy the 12-Point Buck 
I shot this deer in Seneca county on November 18 2013 with a shotgun New York State Big Buck Club scored Floppy net score 152-6 gross score 163-4

My 8 Pointer 
8-point tall rack buck taken by Errol Vasconi with a shotgun on State land in Ulster County, New York on November 17, 2013

Last minute 10 point  
10 point 155 pounds Scored 147 17 3/4" spread I'd been watching him all through archery season but never had a good shot. Finally had him feeding …

Josh Cushing Buck 
Thanksgiving Day with my Father. Our morning tradition.

Big Crab Claw 8 
This big Lobster Claw 8 Point was taken Nov. 14th 2012 with a Bow in Otsego County. It was harvested by Tyler DeMulder of Unadilla.

Second buck 
Second buck. 8-point, scored a 131.

My first buck 
I heard noise about 70 yards ahead of me then I hear two deer start running towards me so I drew back my Matthews bow using a Rage broadhead. I put my …

Mohegan Sneak Buck 
My buddies pick on my lack of tree stand patience. Well today 11/29/2013 it payed off. Out for a little walk and I saw a doe so I pulled up and a buck …

My First Big Buck! 
Hi there, my name is Trisha Glezen. I was out opening day of gun season up in Chenango County this year (2013)and passed up shooting 6 doe and a small …

Piebald 7 Point Buck - Long Island 
7-Point piebald buck harvested with a bow and arrow on 11-23-2013 on Long Island on Public DEC land. Just my second year bow hunting.

138 Green Score 10 pt 
This 10-point walked 21 yards from my tree stand at approx. 4:30 pm on 10/5/2013. It was 80 degrees had to process fast

Big Typical 10 
This is a truly giant 10-point shot on 11/21/13 in Cortland county. It dressed out at a touch over 200 pounds and rough scored 174 1/2. Just a monster. …

Trail Cam Buck 
Mike mills shot this 8 pt buck on11/24/2013 in the town of Ovid in Seneca county

Wait for a good one!!! 
Shot with my 270 Remington rifle on 11/20/2013. That's me, on the left with my lifetime friend and Hunting Buddy, Kurt Caraher. We have 3 years of trail …

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Denny's Second Chance Buck 
I can't believe I got a second chance at this monster after grazing him during archery season! He weighed over 200lbs. and took three of us to get him …

My first buck with the rifle 
10 points, 170 lbs, Unknown Score, shot with a .308. This was my first opening day deer. This was also my first buck with the rifle. My father …

Rich Anthony Buck 
12 point buck with some extra stickers taken by Rich Anthony on November 21, 2013 in Chenango County , Town of Oxford.

The Work Buck 
It was opening day of the 2013 gun season. I had to work that day so I decided to go out a couple hrs before going into work. At 8:30 I was getting ready …

Margaretville Bucks are BACK! 
after several past hunting seasons, the large rack population was diminishing.....Since the Antler Restriction Law went into affect in zone: 4P in which …

HEY THERE' Finally quality deer are in our sights literally--- while i was a supporter of the NYS antler restriction program in our zone: 4P we are finally …

First Buck 
Arrowed on 11/9/2013, 8-point, 17 1/2 inch spread. I was in the stand for 10 minutes when he came in following two does. I had a 10 yard broadside shot …

The Running Buck 
7 points. Didn't have an official weight or score. Shot him as he was running at a decent speed about 50 yards away and 15 minutes until sunset.

Opening Day New York Southern Zone 2013 
8 Point Buck was Chasing after a Doe it weight was 160 Lbs.

My Buck 
9 Point Split brow tine 17" spread Chemung County November 17, 2013 Shot with a 30-06

First Buck Ever 
Kyle Hall shot this 8 pointer in Basom NY...Genesee county..Buck was taking 11/16/13 opening day..My first buck ever in ten years of hunting...

First Buck 
Kyle Hall with his first buck ever taken in Basom, NY Genesee County. 8-point

My 113" taken in Pendleton, NY 
I hammered this 113" buck in Pendleton, NY on my last day of my 2013 bowhunting season. He walked out at 30 yards, dogging a doe. Im so thankful that I …

My Brother-In-Laws Buck 
12 pointer taken in Ulster County, NY on October 26, 2013. He walked by my brother-in-law at 15 yards and never game him a shot...and hour later he came …

First Buck = First Archery Harvest 
Michael Pagano arrowed this 8 point buck on 11/10/13 in Schenectady County at 10 a.m. The buck presented at 20 yds slightly quartering away from Loggy …

Seneca County Buck 
Shot this nice 8 point buck Sunday, November 3, 2013 about 3 pm. Field dressed at 205 lbs!

Last Day, Last Chance Buck 
My hunting partner wanted to swap spots with me on the last day of the season in 1999, we did, and this brute came in from behind me, thought he was going …

Genesee County Beauty with Bow 
Taken October 23, 2013, town of Batavia. Unofficial score at 166, twelve points, dressed weight 215.

Jakes first 
6 point taken in Wayne County during the 2013 NYS youth hunt by Jake Ginther

My First Buck With My Bow. 
My first buck with my bow. 10 point buck in Wilton NY, Saratoga county. 70 degrees out early bow season I wasn't going to go out, but glad I did. Taken …

2012 Opening Day 8 Pointer 
Took this buck in Schohaire County in the town of Middleburg, NY around 3:30pm on Opening day in Regular Firearm season.

Big Steuben County 8 point 
My brother Ross Buisch shot this deer on the opening day of gun season in 2010. The pic is a bit far off but this deer was a monster. Shot in Bath, NY. …

"Gully Monster" 
Never got a shot at this ole boy. Going to have to get a new strategy if I want to bag this guy this coming bow season.

Ambush Ten 
10-12-12 Wayne Co. 10pt. 4 1/2 years and 136 inches. Too bad he broke off a sweet kicker on the right beam. QDM, Lone Wolf stands and Mathews Bows make …

1st Day of Gun 2012 
I shot this guy at 35 yards coming out of his bedding area. He dropped right were I got him. I took him in Lancing, New York, Cayuga County. Green score …

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Never Give Up! 
11 point,175 lb, scored 162 5/8 nontypical. Harvested in Albany County NY.

First Deer with a Bow 
This was my first deer with a bow. His brown tines were pretty worn down and his left rack grew oddly. He would have been an 8 point, but the worn out …

My Beast 
I got this beast the second day of shotgun. He came walking behind me pushing a doe 10 yards away. He was 198 pounds and is a 9-point. It was my frist …

My Nine Point 
I shot this buck in Livingston County with a bow out of my tree stand at about ten yards. This is a nine point that scored a 134 and weighed well over …

Livingston County 8-Point 
Took my first buck opening day of gun season at 155 yards with my rifled 12 gauge. 175 lbs dressed, 19 inches inside main beams (not scored)

2011 Seven Point 
I shot this buck with my new Remington 870 from my favorite stand at 18 yards. He came out at last shooting light walked over and looked right up at me. …

Adirondack Backwoods 
This is my second Adirondack backwoods 8-point dressed out at 184 pds, shot on a 2 man drive in Saranac, NY

My Big 9-Point Buck 
I was walking to my spot and I saw a doe and a buck. I got on my knees and took a 35 yard shot at the buck... He ran 30 yards and fell and the doe never …

3 Year Quest 
I've been watching this deer for 3 years and have hundreds of trail cam pics. He was a 10-pointer from the first time I saw him and over the past 3 years …

My nice 10-Point Buck 
It was opening day Nov. 2011. A big 10-point buck was walking on the left of me about 150 yards. He came walking up in front of me and I shot him at 50 …

This big 8-pointer walk right to me at about 10 yards. I doubled lunged him and he ran 30 yards and crashed. He has a inside spread of 22 5/8, a green …

Shouldaseen the other guy 
Chris Stockwell Livingston County. Two larger bucks appeared after I shot. This is the twelve point after dragging 150yds...Rem 870 20gauge

My Buck of a Lifetime  
It was 9:15 am and I was just about to get out of my stand when I caught movement out the corner of my eye. An impressive buck was trying to skirt a field …

Opening Day Buck 
10-pointer taken with muzzleloader at 50 yards

High Eight 
I saw this buck 75 yards away from my trees stand on my way in for the afternoon hunt. He was tending a doe and they bedded down 50 yards from my stand. …

2010 Altamont, NY Buck 
On opening Monday 2010 I rattled one last time before last light when this monster 10-pointer came withing 5 yards of me. I shot him with a browning …

First Buck killed on film! 
140 Inch 8-pointer with a 24 inch outside spread.

My Lifetime Dream Buck 
This buck is a 10-pointer weighing 220 lbs. The score by the taxidermist was 159 1/2 with no deductions. She said it was 5 1/2 years old and two of us …

My First 7-Pointer 
He's was taken in Putnam, NY on November 23, 2012 around 3:45 pm. He passed me grunting at a doe to my left. I grunted at him, he stopped in his tracks …

Rostohar Buck 
Shot him on the Tuesday after opening day gun south 2012. Had one of the best seasons ever, saw more big bucks this year than the last 4 or 5 put together. …

My Biggest Bow Kill 
10 point taken in Lysander, NY - Onondaga County. This is my biggest bow kill.

MY 10 
Shot this 10-point with a 21" spread on Nov. 19 2012 in Warsaw, NY - Wyoming County with a 30-06. Should score in the mid 130's.

My Buck Commander 
I picked up this deer on trail camera photos September 4th, a few during daylight hours, but mostly at night. Never getting a visual all of archery season, …

Swamp Buck (Thanksgiving 2012) 
Michael Kellogg, of Waterville, NY killed this 15-point Oneida County buck on Thanksgiving day 2012. The rack had an inside spread of 17.5 inches and green …


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My First Deer  
8 point with sticker point on left tine. 160 lbs Fisrst deer in Hamlin NY

This 8 point was shot in East Otto opening weekend with a 270

Danby Dandy 
A beautiful 9-point that dressed out at 185 lbs and I was told he would score 125 to 130. I shot him with my Thompson Center Omega on the morning of Nov. …

Bully Hill Buck 
Grapes and acorns seem to be a good mix when it comes to growing whitetails.

My Monster Buck 
St. Lawrence County 8-point with an 18-3/4 spread and weighing 170 lbs shot with 30-06 7400 Rem. 150 grain ballistic tip. The buck is not yet been scored. …

Jersey Hill Giant 
I shot the 8-point on Nov. 11, 2012 at 1:30 in the afternoon in Danby, NY (Tompkins County) from 22 yds with my PSE Vendetta. It was 70 degrees that day, …

The Ham Val hunting club orginated in 2004 by a group of men with a passion to hunt whitetails. Thanks to Mike,Jim,Steve,Cricket and especially Jim …

My Best Buck to Date 
15 scoreable points with of 2 of them on the bottom of a drop tine 22" inside spread 25 " main beams shot with a browning 12 ga bps with Nikon scope at …

Great Double for Mom and Dad 
Tom Wills got his 8-point just less than a hour before Debbie Wills got hers on 11/18/12. He was on the far end of our 30 or so acres and she was in …

My 8-Pointer 
Steve Finazzo, 8-point, 11/3/12, 1st deer with my bow, Steuben County

My Great Eight 
I got this 8-point buck on 12/6/12. The deer dressed out at 160, with an outside spread of 20".

Monster 10 
215 pounds, green score 166, Marion NY - Wayne County

Shot on November 19 2012 in broome county

Shot in Cayuga County with a 20 Gauge Remington 870. 12 point would of been 15-16 but rack beat up

My Monster Chat Buck 11/19/12 
I was out back behind my house. I was using my new Browning 12 gauge pump action buck special with Winchester 3" rifled hollow point slugs. I was sitting …

2012 Bow Buck 
Seneca County 7-point. Grunted in to 15 yards at 9:15 a.m. on November 16, 2012 (the day before the gun opener)

This Is What It's All About 
We have been passing down the hunting tradition in or family for many years. This year for the first time we had the oportunity to have 3 generations all …

First Buck 
This buck was shot in Ilion NY by Alyssa Maine . It was shot with a bear home wrecker. This 8 point was 190 lbs field dressed. It scored 121 inches. 19.5 …

Z7 Xtreme Bow Kill 
144 Class, 9 point, 202 lb field dressed, taken on Nov 15, 2012 Genesee County, NY

Buck's "Turn-Around" Buck 
Taken on our family farm in Orleans County New York. 9-Pointer weighing 262 pounds on our certified scale. Not yet officially scored, but estimated in …

1st Pope and Young 
10-point taken in Cortland County Nov. 1, 2012 with PSE bow at 20 yds.Green score is 136. Actual weight dressed was 198 lbs. Raining and windy. Taken at …

Big Barker Buck 
Big 14 point taken opening day by Wade Todd in Niagara County. Drawn in to around 30 yard with some Buckeye scent then taken down with a Remington 1187. …

Letchworth River Bottom Buck 
9-Point, Dressed out at 203 lbs weighed him back at camp.5 year old buck taken with my Muzzleloader a CVA Accura. Took myself and a crew of four buddies …

Double 140" year 
On October 14 2012 I shot a huge 143" 8 pointer. About a month later I shot another huge 140" deer. This deer was a 10 point with a 23.5" inside spread …

1st Big Buck 
My first big buck shot 11-30-12, 11-point, 180 pounds killed in Clinton County - Peru, NY with a 30-30 at 35 yards

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The Split  
Taken 2nd day of gun season 2012

Just Walking In 
9 pointer, waiting to have scored approximately 140ish.

My Swamp Buck 
8 pt taken with 12 gauge Winchester 1400 in Genesee County, Elba, NY. 23 1/2 inch spread.

My First Buck 
8 pt taken with 20 gauge Remington 1100 in Genesee County, Elba, NY.

Broome County Brute 
Opening day sometime ago this big boy came to me, never knew about this club but this buck deserves a look. Big buck for Kirkwood NY.

Muzzleloader Buck 
James C Blackwell IV took this buck on 11/24/2012 with his muzzleloader. Buck was an 11-pointer that dressed out at 175 lbs. Deer was a 3.5 yr old and …

My Record book 3pt 
I just wanted to share my trophy taken in Monroe County NY. I recently began my journey into the hunting world with the help of my "deer" friend …

My First Deer 
I got this 10 point with my bow on November 4th 2012 in Oneida County. I hit the can call and he came walking in with his head down, he stepped out from …

Swamp Donkey 
10 Point taken on Opening Day of Gun Season 2012 in WMU 8J. Not yet scored

I got this 10-point buck in Allegany County. During shot gun season 2012. He was on a doe and walked to me at 15 yards. He field dressed 220 lbs. Scored …

2012 Bow Buck 
127"(Green Score) 8 Point Taken in Churchville NY by Mike DeHond on a farm managed by Wolf's Head Hunting Club

8 pt 17 3/4 inside spread 30/30 100 yards Opening Day 2012 200 lbs

Thanksgiving Buck 
My girlfriend chatting about black friday on the phone to her sister, says, "Oh wow I see a big buck running across the field." continuing her conversation, …

The Buck I Thought Was a Ten 
Shot Thanksgiving morning. Thought he was a big 10 point, but I'll take a big 7.

Tall Rack 8-point 
My son was hunting this buck all season and I happened to get him opening day of shot gun

Opening Day Buck 
This 8 point buck was taken opening day of gun season 2012. After seeing several does early in the hunt this buck came through approx 10 am chasing 2 does. …

Big Buck Name Fran 
11-point 19 1/2" inside spread no score yet feild dressed out out 158 lbs

11/14/2012 buck 
This guy came out of the same stand as last yrs 10 pt also on a wednesday almost a yr to the day late. He dressed out at 170. He was chasing a doe who …

TURKEY FOOT makes a mistake Oct 23rd 2012 
Turkey Foot was a bruiser we got on camera starting in August 2012...he had a left eye injury and his left Antler looked like a Turkey's Foot...He made …

Mikes "8" 
Shot on 11/10/2012 in Ulster County at 4:05 pm at 21 yards,

Fulton County Buck 
Taken with Bear Truth 2. 8 point, has not been scored yet and weighed about 135 lbs.

First Year Hunting 12 Point Buck 
Was my first year hunting. All started after I tagged along to a 3D bow course using my bosses spare bow. After that it was all downhill from there. …

Albany County Monster 
10-point buck taken in Albany county, dressed out at 185 and rough green score of 137". Had this buck on trail cam last year as an eight pointer, and had …

Last Laugh 
He's an ten point, was an eight last year seen by other people, all though I never saw the rack each time he eluded me last season(which was about 5 or …

Kelly Brook Buck Zoar Valley  
12-point. Taken during the archery season. Unofficial green score was 163. Dressed out at 203 lbs. It was a very rainy day.

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Mofo Buck 
Sitting on the ground, buck comes out 30 yards... shot it... turned out to be 12-point monster. First buck with bow approx. 200 pounds... scored about …

My First Deer 
Taken with a bow at 10 yards on 10/16/12 in Livingston County, Town of Springwater. Not yet scored

My 1st Smokepole Buck!!! 
My first ever muzzeloader kill! 4 pt =) My kids Aiden,10 and Anna,11 are just as excited as I am! I even gave them a lesson on how to gut a deer and …

My First Bow Buck 
The first time I saw this buck I was riding my horse through the woods and jumped him while he was still in velvet. That day I put "my" name on him. Over …

Niagara County Main Frame 8-Point 
Got this nice main frame 8 point with 4 kickers on 10-09-2012 in Newfane,NY. He was with another smaller 8 point. They were at 60 yards when I decided …

Opening Day Buck 
Shot opening day 1999 15 minutes into the season. Gross score 156 net score 140. Weighed at Creekwood Archery in Hilton, NY on certified scale, 240lbs. …

My first deer  
This is my first year bowhunting and I shot this 8 point I with my Matthews Outback bow.

New York 8-point 
New York 8-point shot in Schoharie County during opening day of the gun season in 2010. Not the biggest 8-point, but its my biggest buck.

2010 Late-Season Blackpowder 8-point 
3.5 year old (tooth estimate) taken on the very last day of 2010 late season blackpowder in Leicester NY. Deer was in a group with four other bucks …

Opening Day 2011 Southern-Tier Firearms 
3.5 year old (tooth estimate) 8-point, taken Nov 19, 2011 at 10a.m. in Leicester, NY. This buck was tending a doe, bumped them both out of a goldenrod …

2011 Bow Buck 
Shot in the afternoon of 10/26/2011 in Lansing, NY. Tompkins County. 9-point, 133 3/8". My biggest buck by far and the Klein's Archery 2011 bow pool winner. …

Opening Day Buck 2011 
Jim Braun's Opening day buck 2011... Yates County 180 lb 10-pt. 149 gross 143 net taken with a .270 Savage

My Closest Bow-Kill Buck 
8 point. Taken in Pendleton at the Simano Ranch. He dressed out at 154 lbs. Scored 118. Taken with a new Matthews Z-7. My biggest yet!!!

Niagara County Monster 
October 2011 bow season I drilled this 9-pt in Niagara County. Wet score upwards of 160, tallest tines measuring 16-17 inches.

Deet And Taylor Whitetail Buck Records  
This buck was the Chautauqua 1996 non-typical bow record. It was shot by Raymond Deet.

Monster Six 
Big 6-point buck. Weight 165 lb. Scored 101 inches. Shot with the bow on October 30, 2011.

My Swamp Buck 
This buck just appeared out of no where and gave me a broadside shot at 18 yrds. He looks even better on my wall!

My First Buck. Opening Day of 2011.  
This past year was my first year hunting and I got lucky as hell and took a 10 pointer. I'm going to be getting the mount back soon, but does anyone know …

Bill Champlin Buck 
Hi my name is Joshua Champlin and my father Bill Champlin shot this buck on november 25, 2011 (Black Friday). We were walking out of our hunting location …

Mix Buck 
12-point... 154 green score...187 lbs... Tioga County

4 Year Old 8-Point 
I shot this 4 year old 8 point 11/11/11 at 8:30am. After hunting 6-8 hours a day for 6 days with out seeing a deer. I finally had a doe come trotting …

My first archery buck!!! 
Was on the opener of archery. While walking to my stand 1/2 before 1st light , when I heard 2 deer fighting . I immediately found a spot to sit as the …

My Halloween Buck 
This buck weighed 220lbs. His typical 10 pt frame scored 125 5/8 and was taken on state land in Steuben county.

My Big Deer  
Well I got an 8pt and it was 170 lbs

Adirondack 9 Pointer 
I shot this buck at 7:45 am on November 12, 2011 near Tupper Lake, NY. This buck green scored 122 with 18.5" spread and 192 pounds. The buck came into …

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Pope and Young Buck at age 15 
He scored gross 128 5/8, net 125 4/8, a nice 8 point weighing in at 179 lbs. I first saw him on trail cam in early August, finally saw him in person Nov. …

Archery Farmland Bruiser 
Eleven points, 185 lbs, gross score 141 6/8, net score 135 4/8.

Thanksgiving Pistol Kill 
11-point... 165 7/8 green gross... 160 3/4 net... Killed with a 7mm .08 Encore pistol at 3:30 pm on Thanksgiving day by Eric Fegley

Dad's Drop Tine 9 Point 
My dad harvested this main frame 8 point with a 3" drop tine on his right side. The deer was killed on Thanksgiving morning around 10 am at approximately …

Early Morning 8 Point 
I harvested this 8 point buck at first light on December 3, 2011 at approximately 50 yards with a Thompson Center Icon .30 TC. The deer dropped in his …

The Brothers Frank  
Here are our first big bucks... taken a week apart. I got a nice 8-pointer 11/21/11, my first buck ever. A week later my little brother Danny scoped a …

Wayne County 8-Point 
D.J. Thomas of Rochester Shot this broken brow tine 8-point in the town of Ontario, Wayne County on Nov. 27, 2011.

The Devil Buck 
Field dressed 199 lbs Green Score 154 5/8". Had trail cam videoes from Sept. Saw once in archery season(too far). Taken opening day of gun 2011

My First Buck 
Here is a pic of my first buck. I cant tell you the weight or the score. this buck was shot in Cragsmoor ny. I have always let most bucks go just to …

Pistol Buck 
Shot this 8-pointer on the last Sunday of gun season with my Encore 7mm-08 pistol. He was sneaking down the hill we hunt in West Sparta after my hunting …

" Biggest Deer of My Life" 
“Biggest Deer of my Life” says Jim Yonge. It was the last day of gun season for me and I just wanted a day in the woods. I‘ve been hunting for 50 years …

First Buck 
My first buck that I shot right behind my house. 346 yd shot cross a field. Buck is a mainframe 8 pointer with a pair of twisted brow tines dressed at …

Thanksgiving 10 Point Buck - Hancock, NY 
This 10-point buck was harvested at dusk in Hancock, NY on Thanksgiving Day! I have a great deal to be thankful for this year and this buck was "icing …

Sergeant Nagy's Buck 
8pt buck scoring 111 taken on the first day

2001 Prince of the Forest 
Main Frame 10 point with forked G3 on the right and small drop tine on the left between G3 and G4. Taken in Seneca County with a 16 ga slug...Cinderella …

My Big Buck 
This is my first buck and first year hunting. I got it in Niagara county. He is a 8-point and weighs in at 190 pounds. I used a 20 gauge. I got it as I …

Memories 2011 
Typical 10 point. This buck was taken in Tompkins County on opening day of gun season 2011. Has not been scored yet

My Dads first wall hanger 
Jim Conklin, opening day 10 PT, Willseyville, NY. It was about 4:00 pm he was ready to go down to the house I talked him into staying wasn’t 20 minutes …

Big 10, 155 Gross Albany County Buck..Bow Kill 
Shot in Albany County with bow, weighed in at 238 lbs. Grossed 155, 10-point. Deer was 7 foot 7 inches long...

First Buck 
First buck in my 3rd year of hunting. Shotgun in southern tier (7s) on 11/20/11. est. 170-180lbs dressed.

My 8th deer 
8 pointer, 22inch inside spread

Photogenic 10 point 
I got 12+ pictures in 2010 and 16 in 2011. Never laid eyes on him. Got a shot at him with my new Matthews Z7Xtreme on 11/11/11 while tracking in the …

Crab claw buck 
11 points, one broken tine. Weighed 260, 190 Field dressed, no official score, estimated by taxidermist to be low 150's


My First Buck Ever! 
Typical 8 point. 146.5 gross 145.25 net. 24.5 inch main beams. 10.5 inch G2's. 18.5 inside 20.5 outside spread. 200+ lbs dressed.

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Slob 11 
190 Lb (field dressed)230 live, 147 3/8" heavy beam mass 11 pointer taken 10/18/2011 in AR zone 3?

6C in Upstate NY 
My best so far!!!

Trail Camera Buck 
I shot this buck on the third day of the 2008 southern tier regular season. He is a mainframe 8 point with a kicker on his left side. He dressed out …

Drop tine 9 point 
I shot this buck last year on the 3rd day of southern tier regular season. He came out about 70 yards away in a cut bean field and was hot on a doe. …

Perfect 10 
My Perect 10 was taken on November 21,2009. It was the first day of gun season and I entered the woods that morning toting my Remington 300 Ultra Mag. …

Crazy horns 
First spotted this guy on my trail camera located on the edge of a corn field. Set my stand up within 50 yards of where he was entering the field and …

Taken during a push of a swamp. Jumped him as a driver coming back and was able to take him. He has a forked right brow-tine. Taken in Wolcott, NY

160 lb. 3-Pointer 
This is a picture of my wife LeeAnn Beckwith with the 3-pointer she arrowed on Oct. 23, 2010 in Fort Edward... Washington County. It dressed out at 160 …

This great buck was taken Nov. 17th, 2007 in Caton, N.Y. My weapon of choice was my Ruger Mini-14 in .223. People laugh when I tell them this, but thats …

2010 NY Archery 
Shot this year in Cayuga County, NY last day of archery season... taped him around 124"

2008 Muzzleloader 
Shot late season 2008 in Cayuga County, NY... Green scored 139" and dressed over 200lb.

My 2010 Wisconsin Bow Deer 
He is a main frame 8-point with three extra points and an 18 7/8 inch inside spread. He scored 156 1/8, weighed in at 238 pounds dressed and was 5 1/2 …

Golden-Rod Buck 
This 150 class buck took us on a 3 1/2 mile hike and two days to find. He field dressed 210 lbs and I took the ground shot at 17 yards. My thanks go out …

Adirondack Hat Trick 
Probably the most well known Adirondack trackers in New York, Jim Massett (left)and Joe Dinito (middle) with Steve Grabowski (right)display their snowy …

My 2010 WNY Deer 
16.5" inside spread, 10 point. 2010 Quest Smoke - #66, 29"...XX75 Gamegetter, 100gr Muzzy 4-blade. 12 yard shot from treestand. I am totally addicted …

The G2 Buck 
This is my 17 point buck with 12 inch G2`s taken in middleport, NY. The deer is 205 lbs and had a green score gross of 200, net 190 5/8

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