Nice 8-Point

by Luke Windnagle
(Genesee County NY)

I saw this buck come out of a swamp off the field I was hunting. He followed two does into the field. They were about 100 yards away. They started to walk the opposite direction from where I was sitting.

I decided to grunt at the buck. I gave three short grunts.The buck turned his head and looked in my direction for about 20 seconds then turned back towards the does and headed the way they were going. Then I gave three more quick louder grunts. The buck spun around and bolted in my direction. I couldn't believe it my heart started pumping so hard.

As he got within 40 yards he slowed down and started walking. The hair on his back was all ruffled up like a scared cat. He got in my shooting lane about 15 yards from my stand. I let the arrow go and hit him in the spine and he dropped right where he stood. I never had a buck react that hard to a any call it was an awesome experience.

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