My Monster Chat Buck 11/19/12

by Ryan
(Silver Creek, NY)

my biggest buck to date

my biggest buck to date

I was out back behind my house. I was using my new Browning 12 gauge pump action buck special with Winchester 3" rifled hollow point slugs.

I was sitting in a stand that I had seen many deer out of and was looking to fill one of my doe tags. After about two hours of sitting I was about ready to get out of the stand. Out of know where I heard, "crash, crash, crash." I turned and looked to my left and standing 30 yards from me was this monster 12-point buck.

I pulled up to shoot, I was shaking from adernalin. I kept saying to my self, "Get down on the sights. Get down on the sights." I lined up my sights on his lungs and shot. I waited about 20 minutes before going to look for him.

When I went to the spot were he was standing at the shot I found a big pool of bright pink blood with bubbles, so I new it was a lung shoot and he was going to die. I followed the blood 40 yards into some red brush and found the buck.

It was bigger than I thought. It was a buck right out of my dreams. It scored 168 3/4 and is my second deer ever.

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