My Biggest Buck

by Mark Good
(Conewango, NY - Chautauqua County)

Mark Good

arrowed this 10-point at 15 yards from his swamp stand in Chautauqua County on 10/23/15
The buck weighed in at 240 lbs and green scores 141 3/8".

Matthews Adrenaline Bow
HHA single pin adjustable pin site
Carbon express blue streak arrows
Piston point 100 grain broadheads
Carter "Just Because" release

Bought property 10 years ago, we have 7 acres of food plots, 36 treestands, 5 homemade ground blinds, and manage 327 acres

This buck was tending a doe. It came straight down my longest lane towards the stand and turned into a red brush bush at 15 yards away. The doe it was with was watching me. I drew when the doe put her head down for a moment.

I held my draw for at least 40 seconds until the buck moved into a small window in the bush and I took the shot. The buck walked off and bedded down 50 yards from the stand. My wife and I found it there the next morning.

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