My 2010 Wisconsin Bow Deer

by Cliff Schwie
(Phillips, WI.)

He is a main frame 8-point with three extra points and an 18 7/8 inch inside spread. He scored 156 1/8, weighed in at 238 pounds dressed and was 5 1/2 years old. I took him with my bow at 30 yards at 2:50 in the afternoon in December.

We first saw him three years ago and figured he could be a big buck if he lived long enough. The next year again we had lots of trail cam pics of him. The year after that we had even more pics and he looked very nice, but our paths never crossed, although a week before gun season he showed up on the cams wounded and skinny.

We thought he wasn't going to make it. We didnt see him for 4 weeks and thought he was gone so we decided after the season we would try looking for him. Then, one day, he showed up on the cams in good shape like nothing had ever happened to him.

This year we couldn't find him any where and figured that he hadn't made it after all. I was doing some scouting for rub lines last October and found a clusted of big rubs so I set up a cam on them about 2 weeks later. He showed up on the cam so I started patterning him. After early bow season, a knuckle biting gun season and finally in late bow season in late December our paths crossed and this was the results awesome experience.

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