The Mundt Buck
Monroe County 10-Point

By Levi Mundt

It was November 18, 2017 and gun season was underway. I hunted that morning with no success, and contemplated where to go for the afternoon. Around 2 o’clock I decided to hunt a new piece of property that the farm bought this year. At 3:15 I got a phone call from my buddy who said there was a “big” deer in one of our fields. I made the decision to pack my gear and head over there, about a 15 minute drive. He pointed out to me where he saw it and I made a move. 

I set up on the ground under a pine tree and brushed in. After about 45 minutes the buck emerged from some buck brush with six doe, one of them being his current breeder. Most of the doe made there way towards me and made it to about 30 yards, but him and his doe, of course, stayed back, at least 250 yards out. As dark started to settle in I could see the deer work across the cut corn, presumably walking out of my life forever.

Fast forward to 12:30 pm on November the 19th. My phone rings and my same buddy says he’s pretty sure he just saw the buck I was after the night before, running into our standing corn, 24 rows to be exact. I rushed over and brushed into the corn the best I could, and waited. At 3:45 I hear footsteps in the standing water behind me in the corn. I slowly turned my head back and there he stood, the biggest buck of my life, three corn rows behind me. 

Before I could even think, he turned and bolted, for what reason I don’t know. I quick got on the phone and asked my buddy if that deer had just crossed the road behind me and he had not, and next thing I know there’s his doe in the cut corn and right behind her, he stood.

At 150 yards I knew I wanted to get closer so I made my way down the corn quickly and quietly. I got to 70 yards, pushed the last row of corn out with the barrel of my single shot, settled my cross-hairs on him, exhaled, and let him have it.

He jumped in the air and took off, but after only making it a mere 50 yards, he did the beautiful death wobble, and down he went. I had just killed a giant. My friends and family showed up to celebrate with me, and the rest is history. With a green score of 167 6/8, it will be one of the greatest deer hunts of my life. 

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