The Moose Buck

By Kurt Charland

The Moose Buck

If there is one goal I had this year going into the season it would have been to take down the beast I called Moose. I have had my sights set on trying to tag this beast all summer, with multiple sightings and good trail cam pics I was able to determine his home turf and set the stage, the rest was up to lady luck and me being calm enough to make it happen.

After a great opening morning sit with multiple sightings of doe, young bucks and a potential shooter I shifted for the afternoon sit a little closer to the food source. With steady west winds and warmer temps I knew activity would be limited to the last hour and I was right. About 5:30 pm I saw four doe working their way toward me and up into the beans. Ten minutes later I hear the sound of disappointment in the form of a four wheeler puttering my way. The wheeler stops and I see a big deer trotting down the hill towards me. The deer stops and looks back towards the wheeler. Throwing up the Nikon Monarchs, I immediately recognize the massive narrow rack, it's Moose! He is standing 70 yards out and is massive! Now my heart is beating out of my chest and I'm shaking uncontrollably (got to love it!).

After telling myself to calm down I look at him again. At this point I'm thinking he is going to bolt any second as the wheeler stops and shuts down. Then, the wheeler starts back up and starts to creep along as if he had seen the beast cross the road. Moose doesn't appear nervous and starts to walk right at my morning set, Doh! But, then he turns and commits to the trail leading right to me.

He hits my 40 yard window and I'm telling myself to be patient and calm down. At 30 yards the same, don't rush it he is walking to you. He hits my 20 yard window and I'm at full draw. I bleat, he stops right behind a 12" beach tree. Oh man, I'm at full draw for at least five minutes and had to let down. As he stands there I'm thinking he is five feet from catching my wind please let my insane scent control work.

He starts to walk again I come to full draw, he is broadside but with twigs in the way and I don't have a clear shot. So, I crouch all the way down to the squatting position and bleat. He hits the brakes and I touch the trigger and watch the Rage and fletchings bury right through the boiler room and into the ground on the other side. He wheels 180 degrees, runs up the hill, turns, runs back down and stops at the bottom about 45 yards from me. He looks around and starts to wobble, then tips over.

It was all over, and there I stood shaking like crazy still in disbelief that it really just went down like that. What a day one I surely will never forget. He is not the widest buck in the woods, but what a beast with insane mass, palmation, and character points and more importantly the age structure of a big dominant buck I manage for and look to harvest. Good luck to all I hope you enjoy success as much as I did. It's what we wait for all year.

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