The Miller Buck

By Matt Miller

It was November 24, 2011 in Wyoming County. For the first several days, it had not been a successful season. Our group had taken a few deer throughout the week, including a nice 8-point with a small drop tine, but thus far I had been unable to connect.

On our first drive of that morning, I was posted in a patch of Goldenrod by some small pines while the drivers pushed a small woodlot. The drive was almost over and I could see the drivers coming through the woods. I was just about to turn and head back up the hill when I heard a shot off to my left. Suddenly a big, bull shouldered, buck and a doe came racing around the corner. I raised my Savage 220F and shot twice at the buck, hitting him with my second shot. My slug had not expanded properly, so there was very little blood, but we later found my buck in a nearby block of brush, lung-shot.

I will never forget walking up on him for the first time. He had a massive 8-point rack with 6-inch bases and a massive body to match. I was elated. He is by far my largest buck. He later grossed 115 7/8, netting 108 6/8 after side-to-side deductions. Incredibly, NYSBBC scorer Bill Tyler estimated him to be 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 years old! I was stunned, having never expected to even SEE a deer of that age, let alone harvest one. It was truly a memory I will always cherish and an experience I will never forget!

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