The Michael Smith Turkey Poem
Breaking The "No Turkey" Curse

By Michael Smith

Hey guys and gals. I just wrote this little poem this morning after a frustrating but awesome turkey hunt. The picture to the right is of my last Spring turkey from opening day, 2010... a 23 lb. beast with a rotted off beard!  I am hoping to break the no-turkey curse tomorrow...last day of the Spring season!

Here is my poem...

As we draw to the close of the season
I've lost so much sleep and turkey is the reason.

Up by four, out by quarter past
With this schedule my sanity will not last.

Gobbles and clucks and putts and purrs
I've heard it all, all their words.

I've sweet talked them from desperation
Some came in, no shot, just frustration!

I was once confident for the game
They have schooled me to the point of shame.

I want to give up, I want to quit
Surrender the gun and stop this shit.

I love the challenge and I love the rush
Hiding under trees crouched under brush.

I'm a turkey hunter, its in my blood
I can't give in with my face in the mud.

This year they may win again
I will tag one soon, just don't know when.

I'll sleep well tonight, tomorrow's the last day
Up early again, hoping to see that display.

If given the chance, I'll take the shot
And close this season with food in the pot.

Turkey Gods please be good to me!
I'll do it all right and dress up like a tree.

Sleep well jerky turkey, I'm coming for you
You will taste great roasted, grilled or in a stew!

I ended up taking one last day of the 2014 season...what an awesome hunt with my girlfriend Kimberly Tanner. Fighting purr got two of them fired up enough to leave hens & find us. Once they heard us, they closed in fast & we had seconds to hide. Perfect...

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