Lucky Hunt

by Jason Paulisczak
(Schuyler )

It finally came together the evening of November 29, 2016. I haven't hunted this hard for a doe since I was a new hunter. After one of my best bow seasons for buck sightings, gun season opened and I was not seeing many deer. I passed up a 2.5 year old 8=point chasing a doe opening day and only seeing a fawn the first week my gun season was not looking good.

I missed a doe on the last day of a week vacation before returning to work because my gun was off. I was out of venison, and I had to resort to buying meat at the store for the first time in thirteen years. I finally shot this beast of a doe at 150 yards!

I was sitting in my stand and could hear some grunting so I pulled out my grunt call that I had lost and found this evening on the way to my stand. I did some doe bleats and this doe came running out along with two other deer. This one was trotting away fast. I waited to see what was chasing them as long as I could before she stopped and I took the shot.

I watched her go down and I looked over and there was another big doe with two medium doe. I never saw the buck... I will always wonder what it was and was it one of the big ones I was after, but this late in the season I had to take her.

She is one of the biggest doe I have shot. She had an unbelivable amount of fat on her from all my "Killer Food Plots Deep Woods" she has been eating all summer!

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