The Kwasniewski Buck
Erie County 19-Point

By Ken Kwasniewski

I've had deer camera pics of this buck for the past four years and neither my son nor I had ever seen him on the hoof. That all changed when a neighbor gave us permission to hunt just seven acres of woods. Little did we know that the buck was using his piece as a bedding area. 

For week my son saw this deer four times while bowhunting the new piece. I still hadn't seen him except for the occasional pic on camera. All around my sons stand were fresh scrapes and a few large rubs, my stand was just 200 yards away. 

On the night of November 3, 2020 (Election Day) we were on stand early... 2 pm. At 2:55 my son called and said the monster buck had just cruised by him at 75 yards and was heading towards to me. I got ready... and after what seemed like twenty minutes (though it was actually more like 3-4 minutes) the buck appeared behind my stand. If he went to his right I would not get a shot because I had no shooting lanes there. Instead he made a sharp left and headed broadside to me at 17 yards. I gave a small mouth grunt to stop him and let the arrow fly. It was a nice heart shot and the deer ran about 30 yards and starting walking. After another 15 yards he piled up and was down in sight! 

I called my son who got so excited that he spooked a 6-pointer that was near him, but wanted to see this deer right away. I waited in the stand for him to arrive and approach the big buck. The buck was a tank, with a huge neck and body well over 250 lbs. A main frame 12-point with some kickers and 19 total scoreable points. His inside spread is 24 inches. 

My son and I were both so excited and still can't believe it happened. We put a tape on the buck to rough score him and he is about 160 plus Boone and Crockett. Once we get him to the taxidermist we plan to have him officially scored.

I would not be able to do this without the support of my wife and kids! Also, my son Kyle who I was hoping would get this buck instead of me, helps me tirelessly to put up stands, scout, practice shooting and everything involved in hunting. 

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