The Kukliss Buck
Chemung County Buck

By Joe Kukliss

Well me and my dad went hunting opening day like every year, and we ended up sitting until 11:30. We saw quite a few deer that morning, my dad saw a 6-point and a bunch of does, and I saw 5 does. I ended up getting a call from my mom that my brother was in the hospital so we climbed down and went to the hospital to make sure he was going to be okay.

After we left the hospital my dad and I decided to do a little two man drive. I asked him if he wanted to sit or do the walking, and he said he would push...big mistake! I saw this buck pop out at 150 yards and missed him... he took off out of site. Not even a minute later I saw the same buck trying to sneak through some brush at 60 yards. He gave me a broad side shot. After the hit he only went 15 yards before falling off a little ledge into a creek. It's a day I'll never forget!

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