The Kelly Buck
Schoharie County

By Peter Kelly

I saw two large deer "running" a ridge line from my tree stand on opening morning, there was no opportunity as it was still too dark and I could just make out silhouettes. Two later days on Nov.18, 2013 I saw two large bucks cruising the same ridge line together, they both looked like they were on a mission; again from my vantage point, there was no shot opportunity. Got down out of the stand to do some recon. Found lots of good sign, a couple of places to set up depending on wind and decided to be there early the next morning.

The morning of the 19th found snow coming down horizontally, with the wind out of the NW.  Due to wind direction I had to circle around the hill top on ground I'd never been. It was still dark as I settled in above the ridge line with the wind and snow in my face, and two huge trees to back up against to break up my outline.

About an hour after settling in, the snow stopped and the wind shifted out of the west and picked up little. I heard some tell-tale shuffling of leaves, then caught some movement off to my right. Through the vegetation I could tell it was a deer, the question was... buck or doe? The animal was taking it's time browsing it's way slowly along the ridge line approximately 50 yards to my right. It finally cleared the vegetation and could make out antlers, I flicked off the safety, and watched him make his way along the ridge... it seemed like eternity. The buck was directly below me on  the ridge, he stopped broadside and looked uphill directly at/through me. He put his head down to browse again, the rifle came up, and down he went where he stood, heart shot. 

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