Jeff Schoenthal Crazy 8

by Jeff Schoenthal
(Erie County, New York)

Jeff Schoenthal with Crazy 8

Jeff Schoenthal with Crazy 8

Had the opportunity to take my boys bow hunting Tuesday, October 26, 2021 on our property in Erie County, NY. My 12 year old, my 16 year old and I, have been watching "Crazy 8" develop all year, he had a sideways G2 on his right side, so that's how we named him.

Saturday he came in to my 16 year old, Jax. The buck hung around for forty minutes without presenting a good shot for him, but it gave us a good hunch as to where he was on the property. Jax said he had broken off his sideways G2.

Tuesday evening, sitting with my 12 year old Tyler, we spotted "Crazy 8". He came in but not close enough for Tyler to shoot... his max is 20 yards. The buck was thirty yards out. Tyler was insistent that I take him. He said, "Dad, you have to shoot him, you've passed so many up trying to let Jax and I get them... just shoot".

The buck was quartering away so I took the shot. He didn't go far, we radioed Jax who was pumped. A couple hours later we met up with Jax to look for the buck. We found him easily... at the bottom of a ravine of course, but it was a great hunt with my boys and my largest bow buck. The buck had a 20 3/8" spread and weighed 170 lbs. dressed.

Great deer and great memories!

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