Jax Schoenthals First Buck - 2019 Youth Hunt

by Jeff Schoenthal
(Holland, NY)

Jax's 2019 Youth Hunt 8 point

Jax's 2019 Youth Hunt 8 point

14 year old Jax Schoenthal's first buck, Saturday evening of the 2019 Youth hunt got this nice 8 point with 17" spread in the town of Holland, Erie county. We had been in the woods all day and hadn't seen much other than a decent Doe which he decided to pass on because he wanted "Antlers". I had been seeing 2 twin 4 points hitting the bottom of the field that borders our woods so at 5:00PM we moved from the woods to the edge of the field hoping to have one of them come in to range. 2 minutes later this nice 8 decided to walk out from a gully 25 yards away from us, we had just sat down and Jax wasn't ready as he was still getting situated, I was glassing the field and 4 doe at the far side when I caught movement to our immediate left. I looked and was shocked as to what I saw, a nice wide rack, just past his ears, the wind was perfect for our set up, blowing directly at us. The 8 proceeded to walk broadside right in front of us. I'm not sure who was more excited, him or myself but its a memory we will cherish for the rest of our lives! The buck walked broad side 20 yards out, Jax was aiming for what seemed like an eternity to me, waiting on Jax to "meah" to stop him, I finally let one out. "Meah", the buck stopped dead in his tracks, Boom, Jax shot. Once we settled down we radioed my father, his grandfather, he was in the woods, heard the shot and was already on his way. 5 minutes later he appeared from the trail , proud as can be Jax lifted his bucks head to show his grandfather! This by far was one of my favorite hunts and definitely one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of, 3 generations of hunters, all looking at Jax's first buck! What a terrific first buck and awesome memory made!

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