The Jacobs Buck

By Lisa Jacobs

The Jacobs Buck

Opening day 2011. My third year of hunting, but my first serious year. The first year I went along with my boyfriend and watched his every move, the next I went in the woods and sat alone and watched everything around me and wondered if I'd ever shoot a deer. Finally, this year 2011, I decided I wanted to hunt bad.

Pre season my boyfriend and I scouted and put up trail cams. I picked my own area and my own tree. He put a tree stand up and I was all set for opening day. We went out in the morning and I didn't see a thing. I was still excited and couldn't wait to go out for the evening hunt. I knew from the cameras a nice six frequented the area and an even nicer ten was in the area, but usually in the late night.

I sat in my stand and waited and waited and blew all over the was very windy...NOTHING. I Txt my boyfriend and said I had enough and was going to the truck. He said, "Real hunters stick it out." I said, "Fine I'm staying."

Another hour goes by and I see a doe. Now I have hope again. My boyfriend texts me and says, "Maybe you were right its too windy." I said..."Real hunters stick it out." Not a minute later, I see another deer walking through the woods towards me. I can't tell what it is so I stand up to get a better look...its the ten pointer!

I couldn't believe my eyes. He walked closer to me and I froze, thinking how am I going to get my bow? Then from the same direction appears the six pointer. The ten turns to face the six and I grab my bow. I draw because I didn't want to have my bow and not be able to shoot. I was determined to shoot one of them. Now I'm praying for one of them to come to me and give me a clean shot. The six didn't like the ten walking over to him so he turned around and went back the way he came. Now the ten goes around a tree and I thought for sure he was leaving too. When all of a sudden he walks my way and stops 15 yards from my stand. I said to myself, "Now or never!"

I've been at full draw for what seems like forever. I hit my release and watched my arrow hit him perfectly and I watched him run away. Immediately I tried to Txt my boyfriend, who was on the other side of the woods and had no idea I even saw these two deer, but my hands wouldn't let me so I called him. It took me three times to convince him that I was serious! Then I sat down and waited the longest 30 minutes of my life. Finally I Txt him and said I'm getting down. He met me at my stand and we followed the blood trail and found my deer 30 minutes later. He was 50 yards from my stand. What an exciting experience!!

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