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Here is were you get to contribute your knowledge to the website. What I'm looking for are hunting related "How-To" type articles.  They don't have to just be related to deer hunting. There are many turkey hunters, waterfowl hunters, coyote hunters etc. that visit the site as well.

If you've ever fancied yourself as somewhat of an outdoor writer or would just like to share your knowledge with others... I'd love to have your article for the website.

Maybe you have tips on reloading, have a great idea for a homemade blind, or have a creative way to display your trophy antlers that you want to share with your fellow hunters. Whatever it is... here is your chance to get it published!

Submitting Your Article

Just write your article (400 words or longer) and email it along with any photos you want to add to: 

I will then create a page for your article. I will send you a link to the page so you can review it. If everything is to your liking I will create a promo link on this page where visitors can find your article page.

  • Be sure to add a title so people will know what it's about.
  • Submit it with your full name so I can give you credit.
  • Make sure your photos are of good quality and size. I will not use any photos that are of poor quality or too small to work with in the composition of the article. jpeg photos are preferred.
  • The better your writing skills, the easier it is to edit and compose your article. But, don't let bad grammar and spelling discourage you from writing your article. I can take care of that for you. I'm more interested in the subject matter of the article.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any article that doesn't make the grade of what I consider good quality or subject matter for this website. I will do my best to work with you to get your hunting article published on the site.

Thank you in advance for sharing your article with New York Antler Outdoors

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