The Helmer Buck
Jefferson County Non-Typical

By Ian Helmer

The buck showed himself in a field shortly after I️ rattled at about 8:10 in the morning. I️ was hunting out of a tree stand just southwest of Watertown, NY in Jefferson County. He appeared at the far edge of the field and the flash of movement caught my eye. Initially he didn’t appear to be anything special as the field he was in was overgrown and he was over 300 yards away when I firt saw him. As he began to move closer through the field, he was flashing his antlers and as you can see from the phot, his rack is not symmetrical.

He came to about 200 yards at the crest of the field and then started moving from my left to right while quartering towards me. As he trudged through the field I️ could tell he was a big bodied buck. I️ shot him at about 150 yards with my 270. He immediately showed he was hit, as he took off his head was down and he was unable to really gain any speed. I️ reloaded and fired another shot after he had made it about 50 yards from the initial shot, at which time he went down. 

When I️ approached him I️ found only one entry and exit wound. The second shot never touched him. As I️ stood over this buck my mind and heart raced, but one thought was loudest. My six year old daughter was going to be in school school shortly. I️ FaceTimed my wife and was able to share the moment with my daughter before she went to school. It’s every parent’s dream to have their children enjoy the same things as them. As hunters, getting kids outside and involved is hard these days. My daughter was as excited as me and that made the morning that much better.

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