The Graser Buck

By Larry Graser

Graser Buck Pic

I killed this buck on the opening day at approximately 11:30 a.m. in the town of Canadice. I hunt private ground, mixed hardwoods surrounded by stands of CCC planted pines.

I'd like to say that I had this buck targeted from early scouting, trail cam photos and archery hunting, but that wouldn't be true. When bow hunting, I like to hunt thick cover with limited visibility, but on opening day with a gun in hand I want to see a much bigger area. My choice for a stand location was in the southeast corner of a 15 acre tract of the woods. I could shoot as far as 50 yards in most directions comfortably.

I never saw a deer until this guy appeared, a bit north west of me at about 175 yards. He was walking at a fast pace heading to a section of pines. I'd guess he had been bumped by a hunter and was seeking cover. No possible shot at that point due to heavy cover, so I tracked him in my scope. Thinking he would soon be gone, I figured it least I saw one!

Well, all of a sudden he started to quarter towards me and head southeast. I finally got an opening at approximately 120 yards, and when he hit the last best opening I fired. He appeared to flinch and started to run. I grabbed the binos, figuring that I didn't have enough time to reload my muzzleloader for a follow up shot. Through the glasses, I could see a red area on his side! He stopped on the edge of the pines, stood for 10 seconds and then I saw him stumble and fall!

He dressed out at 165lbs, and the DEC in Avon NY aged him at 3.5 years. The rack green scored at 147-0 B&C.

My gun is a NULA 209 muzzleloader, shooting 44 grains of SR 4759 powder and Parker BE 275 grain bullets. My climbing treestand is a Treewalker.

Well, that's my story. After my wife, this was my next best perfect ten!

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