The Goodnough Buck

By Robert Goodnough

Goodnough Buck Pic

Well this year started out slow on my uncle's and cousin's farm in Ellisburg, N.Y. We have a gentleman's agreement of shooting 6-points or better that we have been doing for some time now.

Last year I took my brother-in-law Rob in this same section that I like to hunt and I ended up laying in the field on manure and shooting a buck.

This year I lost my brother-in-law at the early age of 50 he loved to hunt and was a great father and grandfather.

So, now we turn to this year on November 24, 2010. I was standing in the hardwoods and it was still with no wind.

Up to this point I still did not know how big he was until I walked up to him and saw 10 points with a palmated rack. Boy, was I pleased.

In my mind, I believe my brother-in-law sent that buck to me just like my father-in-law sent me the 8-point the same year that he died.

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