The Germain Buck

By Aaron Germain

After convincing myself I needed to be in the stand that evening, I grabbed my lock-on stand and mobile sticks so I could hang a stand. This was an area I hadn’t hunted yet this year, as to not get stagnant in the other area I'd been hunting. As I walked down into the area I came across three big, fresh, scrapes and a fresh new rub line that lead down into the bedding area I planned to hunt. I stopped and set up in between the known buck bedding area and the fresh scrapes along a heavily used trail. This trail was only 10 yards from my stand, as I didn’t have many tree options.

Around 5:00 pm I saw two doe’s and a small 4-point. I did not see another deer until around 6:15 as light was beginning to fade. Then, down from the bedding area came, a spike and nice two year old 8-point. To my surprise they both took the trail in front of my stand. I actually took a video from my phone of the small 8-point just for fun. In my head I was thinking if a shooter buck was to take this same path it would be a perfect scenario.

As those deer worked off and light was fading I put my phone back in my pocket and slowly looked back down the hill. I noticed a big bodied deer feeding in the woods with his head down. As he picked his head up I immediately realized it was a big mature buck and a shooter for sure. He was long and began to come straight up at me as the other deer had done and I knew he was going to take the same trail. I would have one opportunity to draw my bow as he passed a large oak tree and be able to pull off the shot.

As he passed the tree I drew my bow and waited for him to take a few more steps. His next two steps brought him into the opening, slightly quartering away. I settled my pin a little farther back so my arrow would exit around his offside shoulder. I squeezed the release and let the arrow fly. The green lighted knock lit up and I saw the arrow connect with the deer somewhere in his body cavity but could not tell exactly where I hit him. I backed out of the stand and gave him around two hours to expire.

Not sure about the shot and thinking the worst, I anticipated a long night of tracking. I went back later with and two others to recover the deer. As we left the area where I shot him and began to track we found zero blood. Now I was even more worried about the shot, however I knew that if the arrow was still in him he was not going to bleed much at all. About 40 yards into the track my dad called me over. The buck was laying about 50 yards from where I shot him, the rest is history.

Aaron's Buck was taken in Chautauqua County on 10/20/2019

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