First Trophy Buck

by Jessie Mitchell
(Lafargeville, NY... Jefferson Co.)

Jessie's 10-Point taken on 11/22/2017 in Livingston Co.

Jessie's 10-Point taken on 11/22/2017 in Livingston Co.

Well I had waited in my stand all afternoon and hadn't seen anything. I was getting cold and pondering the thought of going home knowing it was getting dark soon anyhow. When I had looked back up from my watch and saw this buck standing right in the middle of the pasture.

I was so excited, being that the first buck I shot was only a spike horn, and I could see the rack on this without even looking through my scope. He seemed to be walking straight for my stand. I raised my gun and turned giving me a great angle. It was almost like a dream. I shot and he took off for the brush, my heart sunk thinking I may have missed.

I climbed down out of my treestand, called my fiance to tell him I thought I hit a six-point that we might have to track. I started down towards the brush and turned down a trail and sure enough there he laid right in the middle.

I called my fiance back to tell him I got him... but he was no 6-point, he was a ten. I had to count twice. I was beyond excited, my first trophy buck.

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