The Dixon Buck
Steuben County 3-Point

By Rhonda Dixon

This was my first time hunting. The first day of gun season November 17, 2018. I went to my grandfather's homemade blind that he built when he was alive. He always said that I had to shoot a buck before shooting a doe. 

I was standing in his blind on the first day about 11:40 AM when a 3-point got up from the ground and was standing there looking at me. When he looked down at the ground to eat, I pulled my gun up and I waited a second. Then he looked at me again. He took one step, then stopped, and I pulled the trigger. He dropped right there! 

I could just feel my grandpa right there with me the whole time. After I pulled the trigger and the buck went down I could hear my grandpa's voice saying, "Rhonda, Good job. I am so proud of you!" It was the best day of my life because I was able to take this buck from my grandpa's homemade blind on his land.

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