The DeShane Buck
Madison County 9-Point

By Jaryn DeShane 

Around 4 pm on November 6, 2020 a doe stepped out into our hay field under an apple tree, about 125 yards away. While watching her feed I started hearing some tending grunts working towards the field. I responded with some grunts to try and get his attention. Ten minutes later he was standing right under the same apple tree, raking a low hanging branch. 

I gave him a few grunts and this time caught his attention. He couldn’t decide between trailing his doe and coming my way, so for the next fifteen minutes it was two steps my way, two steps her way. I continued to hit the grunt tube, but he started to lose interest. He would duck into the tall hay and come a bit closer, step into the cut hay and scan the tree line below me for the other buck grunting at him. 

Finally, curiosity got the best of him. He popped out of the tall hay at 50 yards and he stomped his way down to 35-40 yards, in an attempt to circle me downwind. I drew. He was nearing the tree line and stopped just barely quartering away. Finally stepped forward with the front shoulder and I let it go.

With both lungs hit and an arrow buried in the opposite shoulder, he barely made it out of the field before piling up.

Jaryn's 9-point weighed in at 170 lbs. and was taken in Morrisville, NY...

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