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Try to keep your deer stories to 500-1000 words, and make sure you send a quality jpeg photo of you and your deer. Don't forget to add your full name, County of kill and date of kill so that we can give you credit for the story.

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2021 Deer Hunting Stories

The Southerton Buck

The Brunell Buck

2020 Deer Hunting Stories

The DeShane Buck

The Kwasniewski Buck

The Stankiewicz Buck

The McIntosh Buck

The Herbert Buck - New Archery Typical Record?

2019 Deer Hunting Stories

The Schoenthal Buck

The Germain Buck

Hunters Moon Doe

Sean's First Deer

The Chaisson Buck

The McDaniel Buck

2018 Deer Hunting Stories

The Bunker Buck

The Ramos Buck

The Kukliss Buck

The Buisch Buck

The Pauliszak Buck

Thr Dotterer Buck

The Ziembo Buck

The Tefft Buck

The Shattuck Buck

The Dixon Buck

2017 Deer Hunting Stories

The Pettrone Buck

The Shafer Buck

The Helmer Buck

The Wanamaker Buck

The Mundt Buck

The Shoemaker Buck

The Young Buck

Wilson Buck

2016 Deer Hunting Stories

The Brandt Buck

The Paulisczak Buck

The Hausser Buck

The Dauphin Buck

The Hanft Buck

The Donnelly Buck

The Skudlarek Bucks

The Dillabough Bucks

2015 Deer Hunting Stories

The Tripp Buck

The Carver Buck

The McKenna Buck

The Valastro Buck

The Schilling Buck

The Catanzaro Buck

The Law Buck

The Sheldon Buck

The Knowles Buck

2014 Deer Hunting Stories

ADK Muzzleloader Buck

The Roba Buck

The Sacripanti Buck

The Grant Buck

The Dissette Buck

Evans Crossbow Buck

The Leone Buck

The Peterson Buck

The Teller Buck

The Stankiewicz Buck

The Avanzato Buck

The Wilkowski Buck

The Augello Buck

Brandon Thomas Buck

The Coffman Buck

2013 Deer Hunting Stories

Alberto Buck

Antinora Buck

Butler Buck

Calderone Buck 2013

Chelius Buck

DeHond Buck

DiMartile Buck

Forsey Buck

Geibel Buck 2013

Haresign Buck

Hitchcock Buck

Kelly Buck

Krause Buck

Rockwell Buck

Servello Buck 2013

Squilla Buck

Thomas Buck

What Big Bucks Can't Buy

Gun Hunting Stories

Calderone Buck

Calderone Buck 2013

Canale Buck

Capp Buck

Clute Buck

Conklin Buck

Cotter Buck

Dackowsky Buck

DiMartile Buck

Edwards Buck

G2 Buck

Goodnough Buck

Harder Buck

HerrGesell Doe

HerrGesell Buck

Johnston Buck

Krause Buck

Kristen Turner Buck

Leitten Buck

Mike Miller Buck

Miller Buck

Morrill Buck

Nashwinter Buck

Optis Buck

 Peluso Buck

2012 Sam Potter Buck

Reid Buck

Reinshagen Buck

Sampson Buck

Servello Buck

Sheflin Buck

Strahan Buck

Swartwout Buck

Sweet Buck

Welder Buck

Wheeler Buck

Willey Buck

Bow Hunting Stories

Alberto Buck

Almeter Buck

Bedell Buck

Beeper Buck

Bieling Buck

Callaghan Buck

Cathy Turner Buck

Casella Buck

Connor Buck

Corbelli Buck

Corbett Buck

Coyne Buck

Cuervo Buck

DeHond Buck

Dillabough Buck

DiScipio Buck

Donovan Buck

Evans Buck

Faruch Buck

Brett Ferguson Buck

Kim Ferguson Buck

Fernald Buck

Fofi Buck

Fredette Buck

Galcik Buck

Geibel Buck

2013 Geibel Buck

Gianforte Buck

Giarraputo Buck

Harris Buck

Hitchcock Buck

Hutson Buck

Jacobs Buck

Jarosinski Buck

Knapp Buck

Lapp Buck

Lucidal Buck

Luzzi Buck

Mahusky Buck

Maurer Buck

McMinds Buck

Metz Buck

Mike Sweet Buck

Moose Buck

O'Connor Buck

Pace Buck

Powe Buck

Prizzi Buck

Rausch Buck

Rockwell Buck

Rook Buck

Rubino Buck

Michael Smith Buck

Squilla Buck

Strack Buck

Surdi Buck

Thomas Buck

Van Splunder Buck

Venti Buck

Ventura Buck

Wallace Buck

Wekerle Buck

Wright Buck

Muzzleloader Stories

Smiley Buck

Levick Buck

Rose Buck

Schlegel Buck

Wesolowski Buck 

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Perfect Niagara County 8 
Wheatfield, October 22, 2021 I almost missed this deer cutting across an open field behind my stand. By the time that I spotted him, he was quartering …

The Ridge Buck 
This buck my father and I have had lots of history with on one of our hunting properties in Schoharie County. His first appearance on trail camera was …

Jeff Schoenthal Crazy 8 
Had the opportunity to take my boys bow hunting Tuesday, October 26, 2021 on our property in Erie County, NY. My 12 year old, my 16 year old and I, have …

Angle Brow Buck 
The first morning that I was able to sit for the 2018 bow season was October 5th. After a very slow few hours and only seeing two young doe, I decided …

First Buck Ever, Age 14 
Eric Fredenburgh got his first buck ever on opening day, Nov. 18, 2017. He was was hunting with his dad and was sitting from before daylight until 10:00 …

First Trophy Buck 
Well I had waited in my stand all afternoon and hadn't seen anything. I was getting cold and pondering the thought of going home knowing it was getting …

Biggest Buck of My Lifetime.... 
I was sitting in my stand early morning on November 22,2017. It was raining when I got to my stand and by 7:00 am the rain had turned to snow. As I sat …

Buck of a Lifetime  
Taken December 2, 2016 by Donald Ward IV in St. Lawrence County. A heavy bodied 7 point.

Lucky Hunt 
It finally came together the evening of November 29, 2016. I haven't hunted this hard for a doe since I was a new hunter. After one of my best bow seasons …

McKenna Buck 2015 
For the entire deer season of 2015, I've seen nothing that would strike awe in the average man. Doe and buck alike are not moving, the cold temps aren't …

Buck Fever... Better Than Drugs 
He is a 6x4 10 point. Should score in the 140's, he dressed at 198 lbs. Live weight was 229 lbs. I was on the ground when I first saw the deer coming too …

1st Buck... of a Lifetime 
I grew up around hunting. From my great uncle, cousins and father I started around 14-15 years old, going out with all the "big boys" trying to learn the …

Another Veterans Day With Pop 
Another Veteran’s Day With Pop By Gary Akin For the second year in a row I was out at my deer camp alone heading into Veteran’s Day. For years this …

Opening Night Bow Buck 
I got this deer many years ago opening night of archery season. I saw the same buck the opening night before but never got him close. I never saw the deer …

My Screwdriver Buck 
Prior to the 2013 opening day gun season my brother and I went scouting and moved some stands around. While doing so I used a screwdriver with a wood handle …

Second Chance Whitetail 
While hunting in my favorite spot in Elba, NY, I was able to harvest this beautiful whitetail. I had seen this particular deer during bow season, but he …

"Lucky 6" 
Nov, 14 2005 Andover, NY Allegheny County I was at my friend Joe’s camp alone from Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005 until Tuesday morning the 15th. It was …

Close to Home 
November 2, 2008 Wheatfield NY I was on time getting to my stand in the morning, but a little late getting settled in to my tree. I had my headlamp …

Wedding Anniversary Buck  
It was Nov. 20, 2013. My parents 36th wedding anniversary. My parents said they would watch my daughter so I could go hunting. It was a clear, windless, …

Turkey Foot and DeBo 
This season I have been lucky enough to harvest two bucks from my hit list. I ran into a deer we called "Turkey Foot" on October 10th. We named him because …

My First Bow Harvest, Worth The Wait 
A friend of mine asked me to bowhunt whitetails in Suffolk County on Long Island on Friday, October 11, 2013. Before he finished asking I of course said, …

Coniglio Buck 
It was opening day of firearms season 2012 in Livingston County. I was hunting my grandfathers 100 acres surrounded by farmland. As I was making my way …

Buck's Turn-Around Buck 
By Randy Piedmonte Opening day of gun season 2012 marked a very special day for me. I have loved hunting deer since my father, David, took me on …

Decker Buck 
After scouting for months on several quality bucks working a pipeline I placed a stand in a location I felt was a good spot once the rut kicked in to pull …

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Opening Morning Buck  
It was opening morning in the Southern Tier on November 17, 2011, and a day that I will treasure for the rest of my days. I've sat on the same fallen …

Snow Storm Buck 
John Cahoon 11pt taken 12-7-10 in Monroe County. Thompson Center Encore 50 cal. Taken during heavy snow. I spotted him on saturday, but couldn't get a …

Wayne County 15-Point 
Climbed in the stand the day after the front came through from Hurricane Sandy in a light rain, Halloween night. Had a small 6 point come in early and …

Oswego County Buck 
On 10/28/12 around 5pm I was freezing so I decided it was time to come down out of the stand and make my way in. After loading up my bag, I looked up, …

Awesome Buck, Awesome Friends and Deer Management 
On November 16, 2011 I had this awesome ten point walk by at 60 yards just before sun up. He walked up the edge of the corn field and disappeared into …

State Land Surprise 11/22/11 
Archery season had been a real bummer. I missed three oppotunities to take a deer. My Husband shot a huge deer just 160 yards away from where I had been …

"Cornfield Ambush" 
It was a bright sunny morning, November 12, 2011, complete with a fresh layer of snow during Bow season. How often do we get a blessing of snow to aid …

"Clarence Buck" 
I've been hunting West Sparta for over 34 years. The year my father and I got permission the farmer Clarence Sarle he was 63 years of age. Through out …

"The Devil Buck"  
After my trail cameras took videos of two monster bucks on my property, I nicknamed him the "Devil Buck" because the nightime trail cam videos had his …

Bob's Buck 
This is an 11-point buck and here is the story. A very good friend of mine for over 20 years started hunting with me and my son when his son got called …

The Golden-Rod Buck 
On Oct.23,2010 the day started out like any other early morning bow hunt with my hunting partner Scott and his son Jeff who was a first year bow hunter. …

The Lopez buck 
My first time hunting this stand, I got set up at 5:30 am, nocked an arrow with a 2 blade rage and stood on my stand patiently. At 7:25 I saw a blurr... …

The Lawler Buck 
An unexpected buck coming from an unexpected place at an unexpected time has made for one of the best Christmas presents I have ever had. On Christmas …

My 2010 Regular Season Buck 
On opening day I went out at about 4:30 a.m., I sit up near a stone quarry where three logging roads come together on our property. Just after daylight …

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