Decker Buck

by Mike Decker
(Sparrowbush, NY, Orange county )

Decker Buck

Decker Buck

After scouting for months on several quality bucks working a pipeline I placed a stand in a location I felt was a good spot once the rut kicked in to pull a big boy within bow range.

I had just purchased the new Bowtech Insanity and after weeks on stand passing up several decent bucks on the evening of October 26, 2012 I let the carbon fly at 40 yards and arrowed my largest archery buck to date in Orange County. I had several trail cam photos of this buck from velvet to recent, but had never seen him in the flesh until now as he chased a hot doe to within range.

Fishing professionally year round on Lake Ontario chartering and tournament fishing the anticipation to relax and get in the woods come fall makes it al that much greater of an experience. Needless to say I can not wait till next archery season to do it all again....

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